Anime to Hibernate the Winter Away!

My cat Cleo is a fluffy, chubby little grump. She looks a bit like the black doppelganger version of Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yujincho and much like that anime cat, she will sleep anywhere. If there is a chair free, a spot on the couch unoccupied, a little bit of space on a bookshelf, and especially if there is no one guarding the extra comfy keyboard of my computer, she will definitely sleep there. Now that the weather has turned a bit colder and the days are a bit darker and shorter, she has been sleeping even more than usual. It’s not so much of her taking lots of cat naps and more like she’s hibernating through the season.

Cleo looks a bit like the other Nyanko Sensei!

And she’s not the only one that’s caught the hibernating bug, any time she falls asleep on my lap I tend to doze off too! Even if I had been wide awake just a moment earlier. Maybe it’s the Winter weather, maybe hibernation really is contagious, or maybe it’s just kitty magic, but whatever is causing the extra naps I’ve been getting with my cat, it’s been rather nice. I’m definitely seeing the appeal of napping that some anime characters enjoy so much! Whether they are dozing under a tree, lounging in someone else’s home, catching a few Z’s up on deck, or just climbing into a sleeping back and taking a nap in the classroom, there are quite a few anime characters that (much like my cat) just love getting some extra sleep!

Tanaka Kun is Always Listless

tanaka kun sleeping at his desk

Many anime characters go above and beyond to pursue their goal of being as lazy as possible, but few have reached the mastery of laziness quite like Tanaka-kun. In Tanaka-kun’s point of view, why go to high school classes when he could just take a nap under a tree? Why eat a burger when he could just sip a nice smooth milkshake, no chewing required? Why walk anywhere when he could just have his best friend and caretaker Oota carry him? Tanaka-kun’s ideal life is one of minimal effort, and his life is pretty good.


main cast of servamp

Servamp is an anime about a high school boy (Mahiru Shirota) that finds a stray cat on his way home. Mahiru decides to take the cat home and take care of it, but soon finds out that what he thought was a cat was actually a vampire! The vampire (Sleepy Ash) takes the form of a black cat when he gets too much sun. And much like most cats, Sleepy Ash does enjoy a lot of cat naps around Mahiru’s home and being a general lazy shut-in. Whether Mahiru like’s it or not. He isn’t called Sleepy for nothing!

One Piece

zoro sleeping under a tree

No one has quite the depth and breadth of sleeping skills like the former pirate hunter turned pirate Roronoa Zoro. Whether he’s catching some Z’s up on the ship’s deck, or taking a quick nap on whatever island the Straw Hat crew happens to be visiting at the time, this three sword wielding fighter can manage to sleep just about anywhere! In the first season of the anime One Piece, Zoro was actually not part of many adventures of the early pirate crew because he was often too busy sleeping!

My Hero Academia

aizawa in sleeping bag

Of all the characters that take naps or doze off in anime, very few of them are supposed to be models of responsible adults that younger generations should look up to for examples. But this doesn’t stop class A’s homeroom teacher Aizawa Shota in the anime My Hero Academia from not only catching some Z’s between lessons, but coming prepared with a sleeping bag! Aizawa isn’t coy about his sleeping habit in the least, and at times have come to class already swaddled in his yellow caterpillar suit.