Cleaning my DVD shelf: Anime I haven’t watched in forever!

So the other day I was dusting my DVD shelf, I was really bored, and I got to thinking. Do I even have a device that will play a DVD? An XBox will play a DVD, right? When’s the last time I watched a DVD anyway? (But more importantly) Wow, I haven’t watched these anime in forever! Half of them I don’t even remember what they are about.

Seriously, the DVD shelf was so dusty!

These were anime from when I was first starting to try out anime, so maybe my tastes weren’t very refined back then. But they must have been pretty good if I kept them, right? So here are some older anime that I “discovered” and what is the likeliness that I’m going to watch them in the near future. They will be rated from 1 through 10. 1 being the anime is going to land in the donation box, and 10 being I’m going to watch it right after finishing this post (if I can find a device that will play a DVD).

I wish I had a crew to help me clean it all!

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Very Kenshin-esque

The cover art for this DVD is kind of cool looking and reminds me a lot of Noragami or Rurouni Kenshin art style with the classic silhouette of a lone swordsman standing on a heap of bodies. According to the back of the case, this anime begins with a duel between two samurai, but then they are hit by a comet? And they gain super powers! The main character retires from being a samurai and becomes a mild mannered medicine man, but when he gets pushed too far, he reveals his true powers! Oookay, this is definitely giving me Kenshin vibes. I guess it doesn’t sound too bad. I’ll give it a likely to watch rating of 6/10.

Strait Jacket

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Vash?

The DVD case for this one is a lot more spartan. It’s basically just a black box with a light blue magic circle and a guy in glasses holding a gun. The character looks a bit like Vash the Stampede, but instead of a red coat he’s wearing a black coat. According to the back of the DVD case, the anime is set in a magical/sci-fi world where armed sorcerers hunt down demons. Terrorist release extra demons, and the regular licensed sorcerers can’t handle the wave of extra work, so they hire an illegal sorcerer to help out. And evidently, the not-so-legal temp has a mysterious past that could end the invasion of demons! It was made by the creator of Scrapped Princess, so maybe it’s not that bad? Hmm, I’ll give it a likely to watch rating of 5/10.

Jubei chan The Ninja Girl: Secret of the Lovely Eye Patch

The case for this DVD looks really cute! It’s pink and a cute girl in a sweater is sitting next to a fierce looking ninja girl with a heart shaped eye patch on. According to the back of the DVD case, it’s about a girl that becomes the greatest sword fighter in all of Japan when she puts on an eye patch. And for some reason people keep challenging her to duels. Okay, I think my taste in anime was a little weird way back when! It’s definitely reminding me of Life with an Ordinary Guy ect. kind of goofy weirdness, so maybe it’ll be really funny? My likeliness to watch rating will be 8/10. (I like comedies)


I love the aesthetics of this!

The case for this DVD is really impressive, there’s detailed backgrounds in psychedelic colors with screen shots overlaid and lots of character cut-outs. Very cool looking! Oo, and it comes with an extra mini disk! So fancy (I totally don’t have anything to play a mini disk). The animation weirdly reminds me of Disney’s Snow White. According to the back of the case, the anime is set in the industrial and robotic city of Metropolis. The evil ruler of the city is plotting to release a highly advanced robot, to do something! But his son hates robots so he’s plotting to destroy the robot. Meanwhile, the robot makes friends with a detective’s son. So I guess the detective’s son tries to protect the robot from the evil ruler and the destructive ruler’s son? It doesn’t really go into details. Hmm, normally I might give this one a pass, but it says that the anime was made by the creators of AstroBoy, Akira, and Galaxy Express 999. And I kind of remember liking this one, so I’ll give it a likeliness to watch rating of 7/10.


Saiyuki, not to be confused with Saiyuki Reloaded or
Saiyuki Reloaded Blast!

The case for this DVD is pretty spartan too. It’s just tan with a spiky haired character holding a spear. This anime is set in a future Wild West like world. Evidently the main character is a gun wielding priest and he’s headed west with his buddies. I actually think I remember this one. It’s like a cross between the Chinese folk tale Journey to the West and Trigun. I like folk tales and I like Trigun, so this one will easily get a 9/10 for likeliness to watch.

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