Anime with the Best Opening Animation!

So a couple days ago I was clicking around the Youtubes, and a whole bunch of recommended videos popped up about the opening animation of the Chinese anime Link Click. I watched some of the videos and it was mostly just people reacting to watching the opening animation. Yes, I was watching people watching anime. And though most of the youtubers reactions were pretty over the top, I have to admit that I kind of agree with them. The opening music and animation for the opening of Link Click is really good, and even in a world of really great anime openings, it stands up from the crowd! And that got me thinking, what other anime openings are surprisingly good? All I had to do was scroll through my Youtube history to find them. These are the anime openings that are so fun, I watch them over and over again, even if I’m not a huge fan of the anime itself!

Link Click

Of course I would include this one!

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Considering that this was one of my favorite opening songs from last year, it’s not surprising that it also had stellar animation to go with it!

Wotaku Koi Wa Muzukashii

I love this opening animation, but I’ve never actually watched the anime!

Tokyo Ghoul

What I loved most about Tokyo Ghoul was the opening!


Oldy but a goody!

I hope you enjoyed these openings as much as I did! What are some of your favorite anime openings? Are there any anime openings that you love, even though you’re not a fan of the anime itself? Please leave a comment below!