Anime for People that love One Punch Man!

There is only one anime that me and my roommate (who isn’t really an anime fan) can agree on, One Punch Man! This anime is an acceptable show to my co-habitator because it’s basically a super hero show, and growing up with American comic books, he can get into this series. He’s a huge fan of the Marvel CU, so One Punch Man fits his style perfectly. And seriously, who could not get hyped after hearing that intro song to the first season?

Epic level Intro!

I like One Punch Man because it’s an solid anime with a good story line, interesting characters, and surprising twists to the standard hero genre. And in a weird way, Saitama actually reminds me of Captain America. He’s a hero because he wants to be a hero, not because he was forced into it, or guilted into the job (cough, cough Peter Parker, cough). I love characters that know who they want to be and own it completely.

Cast of One Punch Man
Of course there needs to be a bunch of fist pics. It is One Punch Man after all!
Saitama and Genos
One punch man flexing
one punch man flexing with fire
Wait, is Saitama left or right handed?

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The disastrous life of Saiki K cast

If you love an over the top powerful hero that lives a very ordinary life, like Saitama, than you’re going to love Saiki Kusuo. The disastrous life of Saiki K anime is about Saiki Kusuo, an all powerful psychic that has the ability to read minds, change the weather, even destroy the whole world if he wanted to, but all he wants is a quiet life where he can enjoy fading into the background of his high school. Too bad the most unusual people keep popping into his life in the most extraordinary ways! Like a boy that can see ghosts, a magician that thinks Saiki is his mentor, or a school delinquent that thinks Saiki is his best bud (he’s not!). It takes all of Saiki’s super human powers just to find a little peace, and maybe a cup of coffee pudding or two.

Saiki and coffee pudding, the perfect match

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z heros
Goku the super strong super saiyan!

If you love the out of this world fight scenes of One Punch Man, than you should definitely check out the over the top, over powered battles of Son Goku in the anime Dragon Ball Z. Son Goku is a super powered alien (Saiyan) that has made Earth his forever home and has made it his mission in life to protect his adopted planet from extraterrestrial invaders that would just love to mess the place up. As if his work wasn’t hard enough, things are even more difficult and complicated for poor good natured Goku because many of the alien invaders are also Saiyans and just as super powered and tough as Goku himself. But that’s nothing Goku’s optimism and determination can’t handle!

Over the top over powered battles!

One Piece

One Piece cast
He’s going to be a king!

If you love the zany villains of One Punch Man, than One Piece is the anime for you. Luffy D Monkey, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, is aiming to find the greatest treasure of all (One Piece) and become the king of pirates. So, needless to say, adventuring around as a pirate, running from the law, and taking down any evil pirate that is harassing the island bound villagers, Luffy has managed to make quite a few friends and even more enemies along the way. And in a world where one taste of a Devil Fruit will give its eater bizarre super powers, those evil enemies can be very strange! From a clown that can break into pieces to float around and independently attack to a Naval captain that has a metal jaw and an axe for a hand, there is every kind of weird villain a fan could imagine in this anime.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia logo with characters
Can’t miss Deku!

If you love a hero that actually wants to be a hero, than you can’t miss Deku in My Hero Academia. The main character of the anime My Hero Academia (Deku) has wanted to be a hero since he was a little kid.

Unfortunately for him, in a world where most people have some kind of special power, he was born with nothing! Though it was extremely unlikely that he would ever be able to make his dream of being a hero come true, Deku never lost hope that one day he would make it happen. And for years he has been taking detailed hero notes, just in case! Then one fateful day he met All Might, the strongest, toughest, most hero-est of heroes! Of course, Deku was All Mights biggest fan, and after some very determined persuasion and training, All Might finally made Deku his heroic heir.

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