Anime and the Olympics: Winter Edition! Part 2

(Due to the length of this post it has been cut into 3 parts)

Though not a whole lot of time has gone by since the Summer Olympics this passed July, the Olympics have indeed returned and this time it’s for the Winter edition! All the sports, competition, and international drama you know and love from the regular Olympics, now available with snow! And much like the Summer Olympics, the Winter version also has the whole hearted support of the Anime Olympic Committee .

anime character snowboarding

The AOC (Anime Olympic Committee) is here to support any and all anime characters that wish to participate in the Olympic events. Not all anime characters participating this year are from “Sports” anime, yet all the characters exhibit the sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and love of the Winter season that the AOC believes is integral to the true spirit of the Olympics! So let us once again cheer for our anime athletes, and the Otaku nation they represent!

anime character snowboarding


yato sticking his tongue out

It’s a fine day on the mountain and first up for our free style snowboarding competition is Yato from the anime Noragami. Yato claims to be a god, not the first snowboarder that has made that claim. But let’s see what the mountain has to say about that. When Yato was interviewed this morning during his warm-up and asked if the conditions on the mountain concern him, he was quoted saying that “all mountain gods are weaklings” and he has nothing to worry about. If any mountain god was around, I sure hope they didn’t hear that comment!

yato carefully maneuvering a snowboard. Hiori on skis

(Rumbling in the background) Oh, what was that? And Yato is off! Yato is looking good starting out the gates, and he lines up for the first feature, still looking sharp. And what is this?! There seems to be a small localized avalanche on the slopes. Well, that’s a first in the snowboarding world, the avalanche seems to be chasing the energetic snowboarder from Japan. Oh my, the snow is actually following Yato around the half pipe! The snow seems to be catching up to Yato, and . . . Amazing, the snowboarder still manages to land perfectly on the crest of the avalanche in a clean backside tailslide. A good pretzel coming off this moving wall of snow. Wow, what an amazing combo! Yato lines up for the next ramp, and . . . What is this?! A bear has come out of the woods from the sidelines and seems to be running straight for the snowboarding lanes! Are bears even native to this area?! Yato completes a clean alley-oop over the bear, and is on to his last feature. And the bear is giving chase! Yato has some godly speed, but that bear looks hungry.

yato jumping on a snowboard

What in the world?! There has been a flash of light on the snowboarding course, and now Yato seems to be holding a sword! The spirited and very determined snowboarder from Japan seems to be sword fighting with the bear. The bear slashes, Yato parries, and completes another clean alley-oop to escape. Looks like that bear isn’t giving up, it’s lunging for Yato and . . . It ripped off the snowboarder’s pants, but Yato seems to have gotten away without injury! That is one lucky guy! And Yato has completed one of the most impressive and unusual snowboarding runs we have seen yet! Now let’s see his score!

Unfortunately, though Yato has won the most points on record for a free style snowboarding run, it looks like he will be disqualified do to indecent exposure. Yup, you gotta wear pants if you want a medal. And here comes security to escort Mr. Yato off the mountain.

yato has been made into a snowman, Yuki looking angry

Stay tuned for part 3 of our anime sports coverage tomorrow, brought to you by the Anime Olympic Committee!

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