Hanami in Anime!

Though it’s getting kind of a late start where I live, Spring is finally peeking out from it’s long Winter nap. Little buds on the trees have the tiniest hint of color here and there. The tender green stalks and leaves of tulips and daffodils have poked their way out of the frigid soil and will surely start blooming soon. The frozen wind has finally turned gentler and warmer and the sun is making unexpected appearances every now and then. Though there is still plenty of frost in the mornings, it quickly melts away nearly as so as you see it. It has been a long, cold, dark Winter, but at last the seasons have changed. Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate! And how do anime character celebrate the warmer season? With a hanami of course! A hanami aka flower viewing party is a traditional Japanese event that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years. Originally Japanese nobles would visit different flower gardens and recite poetry to each other while enjoying treats and lots of sake. In modern times anyone can enjoy the flowers and treats, and reading poetry is not required! What could be better to ring in the sunnier season than to pack some tasty treats, throw down a soft blanket under some flower laden trees, and enjoy a picnic with friends while you drink in the beautiful season! So, while you are enjoying this lovely season, here are some anime that also enjoyed a hanami.


yato and bishamonten
Two trouble makers!

Though this didn’t take place in one of the standard episodes of Noragami, for a brief moment during one of the series OVA’s, Yato with his regalia and the war god Bishamonten with her regalia actually get a long for a little while and enjoyed a hanami together. Hikari invited the two sides together with the hopes of patching up the broken relationship between them, and at first it did work. Of course, it’s no surprise when a god of war and a god of calamity get a little tipsy after a sake drinking contest that disaster, an unexpected kiss, and hilarity ensue!

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card

cardcaptor cast enjoying a hanami
Perfect spot!

In episode 5 of the sequel anime Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card, the gang has all gathered for a cute hanami under the blooming cherry trees at a busy park. But just as Sakura and her friends sit down to munch on their homemade snacks Sakura notices something invisible is tugging on the back of her dress. That little tug quickly turns into poor Sakura getting floated away at high speed! What could this mysterious force be, but a mischievous magical card in a huge cherry tree in the middle of a secluded forest. With a swing of her magic wand, Sakura dispatches the card fairly quickly, then calls her friends to enjoy the rest of their picnic under the flower filled boughs of this perfect hanami spot.

Flying Witch

makoto and cousin walking down a cherry blossom lane
So much more than flowers

In the anime Flying Witch, Makoto and her cousins don’t just go out to a local park to enjoy a little picnic under the flowering trees, but go to a whole flower watching festival (hana matsuri). Much like the Summer festivals featured in so many other anime, this Spring festival seems to have a little bit of everything to offer the flower viewing tourists. There are venders selling snacks a plenty, stalls with all sorts of games and entertainment, and even a fortune telling booth. This looks exciting enough for someone to completely miss the flowers!