Mighty Transforming Anime Blog, Go! My blog is interactive now

This is a project I have been meaning to work on for months now. I’ve finally started making my Anime I’ve Watched page more interactive. When I first created that page, I was never really satisfied with how it turned out. Even though I added pictures (I love adding pictures to stuff!) it still seemed kind of boring. It was really just a fancy list of anime titles, it didn’t help people understand anything about the anime on the list. So two days ago, while I was prodding at my blog and grumbling about how pokey the pages were, as I read down the uninspiring list of anime I realized that I had actually already written about quite a few of the anime. Then I realized that I could just link the anime titles to the posts. (Apply palm to face)

Yeah, it took me months to realize that! So, anyway if you go to the Anime I’ve Watched page and see an anime series you’re curious about that has a hyperlink, now you can just click on it to read more about that series. Likewise, if you want to read more of my posts, you can now find them via anime series.

group of heros
My heroic Anime Blog transformations are here!
local hero with smoke
Mighty transforming Anime Blog, GO!