Anime to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger!

The 15 day long Lunar New Year celebration is upon us and this time around we get to ring in the Year of the Tiger! Each Lunar New Year is represented by one of the 12 Zodiac animals: The rat, ox, Tiger!, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, Dog (that’s mine!) or pig. Each year the representing animal changes, so the whole cycle takes 12 years to complete. The last time it was the Year of the Tiger was 2010.

lady in kimono with tiger family

For people born in the Year of the Tiger they are likely to be courageous and energetic, they might also be a bit short tempered and take too many risks. Whether you were born in the Year of the Tiger or just want to enjoy the festivities of the Lunar New Year, here are some great tigers of anime that will really make you roar with joy!

school boy playing with white tiger

People born in the year of the Tiger are likely to be courageous and energetic!
anime character in traditional Indian clothes hugging a white tiger
chibi anime girl in tiger onesy

Fruits Basket

kisa and tohru hugging with tiger cub in forground
Kisa, the cute and cuddly tiger!

Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket) Though people associated to the Year of the Tiger tend to be courageous and energetic, when Kisa is first introduced in the anime Fruits Basket, she is quite timid and even has become mute due to bullying at her middle school. The Sohma family’s little tiger cub seems to be heading down a risky path, running away from home and even biting a few people, when Tohru meets her. But with Tohru’s kindness and understanding from her family, Kisa slowly gains the courage to return to school and face her fears.

Bungo Stray Dogs

Atsushi sitting and the floor with tiger spirit

Atsushi (Bungo Stray Dogs) Bungo Stray Dogs is an anime about super power using detectives that try to solve crimes and keep the super powered mafia in check in Yokohama. Though there are a lot of big personalities in the cast of BSD, Atsushi is the main character of the story. The anime begins with Atsushi starving on the streets of Yokohama after he was thrown out of the orphanage he was living in. Not understanding why he was thrown out of his home or why a strange series of misfortune seem to follow him where ever he went, Atsushi believes that he is being stalked by a violent tiger.

close up of face. atsushi in half tiger form with glowing yellow eyes

After meeting Dazai Osamu (a super powered detective) he learns that it is himself that is turning into a tiger and creating chaos where ever he goes. Though Atsushi’s tiger form is a bit of a trouble maker, his human form is a cheerful and honest young man. Of all of the anime tigers here, Atsushi probably has the most Year of the Tiger positive traits. Though when he is first introduced in the anime, he doesn’t seem all that brave, even a little cowardly, it doesn’t take long for this Were-tiger to show his courageous and energetic stuff! Whether he was trying to stop a mad bomber or taking on a demon wielding mobster, Atsushi is always willing to put his own safety on the line to save others or to do the right thing!

cute atsushi making peace signs with both hands

This isn’t the first time Atsushi has visited my blog, check out other posts where I’ve mentioned this anime character!

One Punch Man

close up of tanktop tiger holding up his fists

Tanktop Tiger (One Punchman) This anime really is in a genre all it’s own. What other anime could claim to have such an epically awesome main character that also is the most clueless and conversely disenchanted with being a hero? But One Punch Man’s Saitama isn’t the Year of the Tiger hero we are focusing on today, that honor goes to Tanktop Tiger. Though Tanktop Tiger is considered a “Hero” in the One Punch Man world, he is anything but heroic. Unlike Atsushi who has the most positive Tiger traits, Tanktop Tiger probably has the most negative Tiger traits. This certified hero is quick to anger and recklessly attacks Saitama without even knowing how strong One Punch Man really is. And when TTT can’t defeat One Punch Man, this unsavory character tries to turn the bystanders watching the fight against Saitama and even resorts to calling in his brother for help!

tanktop pointing at one punch man with tanktop tiger in the background flexing his muscles
Tanktop Tiger makes every other tiger look bad!

Hayate the Combat Butler

nagi rubbing her eyes, tama sleeping next to her on the bed

Tama the tiger (Hayate the Combat Butler) Not all tigers are the heroic, adventure seeking type. Some like to be pampered and would rather live a life of luxury. One such tiger that enjoys the finer things in life is Tama the tiger from the anime Hayate the Combat Butler. Tama is the pet of Nagi and is a rather chubby tiger that spends his time roaming around the Sanzenin estate, eating as much as he wants, and teasing Hayate, the new young butler.

tama wrapping an arm around hayate talking conspiratorially

One of the many quirks of Tama is that he can actually talk and walk around on two feet, but he plays the role of a normal tiger whenever Nagi Sanzenin (heir to the Sanzenin fortune) is around because he wants to continue his life of luxury as her pet.

tama trying to look tough

Do you have a favorite way to ring in the Year of the Tiger? Leave a comment below!

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