Anime for your Coffee Break

Having a hard time fitting as much anime into your life as you used to? Just too busy with school, work, human contact, or just life in general to watch all the anime you envisioned you should be able to watch? Are you having to make the tough choices in your life like between your love of anime and your love of sleep? Don’t worry, the creators of anime have of course developed the answer. Now there is anime with all the flavor you love from full sized anime episodes, but with a fraction of the time! Never again will you have to drag yourself through the day after only 28 minutes of sleep because you just found an awesome anime series and you had to finish the season. (At least that’s what I’ve heard people do, I would never be that irresponsible. Definitely not . . . . much)

stylish boy wearing shorts
Anime shorts can be quite stylish!

And all of these new compact anime can fit everywhere into your life! A few minutes before class? Why waste it with small talk when you could be investing it into anime watching? Have a coffee break at work? Great, just enough time to fit in a quick episode! Waiting for a bus? You could probably fit two episodes in before it shows up twenty minutes late! Welcome to the wonderful world of Anime Shorts!

two anime characters from Hunterxhunter wearing shorts
Anime shorts can pack a punch!

Oneechan ga kita!

cast of oneechan ga kita
A little too enthusiastic about her growing family!

Oneechan ga Kita is an anime about about a middle school boy ( Tomoya Mizuhara) that gets a new big sister after his father re-marries. Unfortunately for the shy and reserved Tomoya, his sister is a little too enthusiastic about having a new little brother.

Hetalia Axis Powers

cast of hetalia axis powers
Who would have thought nations were so friendly

Hetalia Axis of Power is a kind of unique version of history leading up to and around World War two. Each nation involved is a character and this anime focuses around the hilarious relationships between them.


cast of senyuu
This hero is ready for action in this crazy adventure!

This is a classic fantasy world anime, complete with a demon lord, chosen hero, and a heavenly helper, all in a fast paced slap-stick format. This is a great anime if you like isekai and wouldn’t mind laughing at their silly tropes.

My Sweet Tyrant

cast of my sweet tyrant
It’s hard to look down when everything is looking up!

If you just can’t get enough of those lovable Tsundere characters, than My Sweet Tyrant is for you. In his heart Atsuhiro is a gentle and shy high school boy, and he is over joyed to find a girlfriend he adores, but his tsundere personality won’t let his feelings shine through.

Oh Suddenly Egyptian God!

some of the cast of oh suddenly Egyptian god
Being a god is tough!

This hilarious anime is big on silliness, following the antics of chibi Egyptian gods getting into all sorts of mischief in ancient and not so ancient Egypt.

Bungo Stray Dog Wan!

cast of BSD wan!
They are back!

If you are a fan of Bungo Stray Dogs, than you can’t miss this! BSD Wan! is a series of comedy skits about what the cast of BSD does when they are not solving super powered crimes or uncovering the latest schemes of the Port Mafia. Best of all, this spin off has most of the same voice actors you know and love!

Encouragement of the Climb

cast of encouragement of the climb
Any height is possible with little help from your friends!

Encouragement of the Climb is a heart warming anime about friends that support each other and remind themselves how to be strong, face their fears, and climb out of the shells they created for themselves. All of this while learning to climb ever higher mountains.

Senryu Girl

Her words are poetry!

Senryu Girl is a sweet and light Rom/Com anime about Nanako, a girl that can only communicate through poetry and the friends she makes in high school. She even manages to make friends with a former hoodlum who follows her into the world of traditional Japanese poetry.

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