Manga Review: Millennium Snow!

I was recently reading more of the lovely blog posts on my favorites list, and I found a wonderful post from Jessica at Shoujo Henshin! (click the button below to check out Jessica’s post) The post was about the recent launch of a Manga subscription service by Viz Media. Viz Media has been around for decades and publishing some amazing manga in English. If you’re an anglophile and love manga series like Inuyasha, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia, than you have Viz Media to thank for making that possible. Jessica found 10 really great shoujo manga that are now available through this new manga reading app! One of them happened to be a manga series that is near and dear to my heart, Millennium Snow. Written by the same mangaka as Ouran High School Host Club, this manga series has the same art style and adorable blush worthy moments, but with completely different characters types and it’s a paranormal rom-com rather than a high school drama. Thanks again to Jessica at Shoujo Henshin for shining some light on a manga series that seriously deserves more attention than it’s gotten.

Millennium Snow

The manga Millennium Snow is about a cheerful high school aged girl named Chiyuki. Unfortunately she was born with a heart defect, has spent most of her life receiving medical treatment, and is living her last days in a hospital. One night as she looked out her room window she sees a boy her age jump off the roof of another wing of the hospital. Fearing he might have gotten injured, Chiyuki hurries to the place where the boy would have landed. To her surprise he’s totally uninjured. The boy (Toya) says that he’s a vampire and that the only reason he fell was just because he was a little hungry. You would think that he would instantly pounce on the sick and weakened Chiyuki, but he insists that he hates humans and hates blood! Though Toya seems less than friendly, Chiyuki quickly befriends Yami the pained, overworked, and very chatty bat servant of Toya. From Yami the bat, she learns that if Toya drinks the blood of a person and makes them his blood partner, that person will live much longer, like hundreds of years! Chiyuki wants to become his blood partner to save her life, but for some reason he says no. At first it seems that Toya’s reason is just because he’s an arrogant and tsundere vampire that thinks that humans are beneath him, but Chiyuki finds that he really has a bigger heart than he reveals.

Reasons You Might Like Reading Millennium Snow

There are so many reasons why you should try out the manga Millennium Snow! It has so many classic vampire novel hallmarks in this series, like Toya having a bat servant, they live in an old manor house, and he even wears a cape or two. Though with the main character of the series dying, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect this to be a rather grim manga, yet the comedy nicely balances out the drama to keep this story light. Of course, if you are a fan of Ouran High School Host Club, you also really need to check this series out. Though the two series are quite different, there is plenty of tell tale signs that this is from the same author that surely will delight OHSHC fans. The character dynamic between Chiyuki and Toya is also really different from more traditional vampire stories, in a good way. Chiyuki isn’t be-spelled by Toya she just doesn’t want to die, and Toya isn’t afraid of corrupting her with his evil soul, he’s just worried about her.

It’s a must read for Ouran fans!