Anime that Fights Like a Girl!

There is a certain character in anime that, for all of their bravery, skill, and strength, doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. It’s the rough and tumble, steadfast Fist Fighting Girls in anime. Just because they wear a skirt doesn’t mean they don’t have serious strength and skills. These tough cookies have fought their way to the top of some of the meanest gang filled schools, they’ve become the electric fisted fighters that protect the week, they take their passion for carnage and turn it into skills to save their friends, and they turn their physical strengths into power to rule with justice and integrity. Greatly out numbered by cute princess characters in anime, these fierce fighting fisted femm fatales are used to having the odds stacked against them. Though sadly under-represented, these anime girls are not about to give up or back down from a fight! So if you would like to meet the mighty miss’ of martial arts, than check out these anime.

chun li from street fighters
sakura from street fighters

Kenka Bancho Otome

cast of kenka bancho otome
Fighting to the top of her new school? No problem!

Oh the trouble that twins can get up to! The Onigashima twins have lead two very different lives. One twin was raised in a wealthy home, where they enjoyed every luxury and was treated like a princess. The other twin was raised in an rough orphanage where they had to become strong and fight just to survive. Hinako has had a hard life at the orphanage, but she is excited to go to an all girls school where she can finally stop fighting and get in touch with her girly side! On her way to the entrance ceremony of her first day of high school, Hinako bumps into another student, and accidentally knocks them down. To Hinako’s surprise the boy student has a face that looks just like her.

hinako and hikaru
Surprise, it’s her rich twin brother she never knew she had!

Surprise, it’s the rich twin she never knew she had! The boy claims that his arm is broken (it’s not) and that Hinako needs to take his place at his all boys high school entrance ceremony. Oh and gee golly, he just happens to have a car standing by and an extra boy’s uniform for her to wear! When Hinako gets to the boy’s (Hikaru’s) school, she finds out that it is nothing like the lovely and cheerful girls school she was supposed to go to, it’s instead a run down torn up building with gang graffiti all over it. And the “entrance ceremony” isn’t an elegant celebration welcoming all the new students, it’s instead a battle royal gang war to see who will be the king of the first years. Good thing Hinako is good with her fists, because fighting to the top is just the kind of thing she can handle!

hinako winning the battle royal
Good thing Hinako it good with her fists!

Okami and Her Seven Companions

okami and her seven companions cast

Ryoko Okami is one tough cookie! She’s a fierce fist fighter, with skills to take down even the biggest opponents. She’s loyal to her friends, and she works hard to protect the weak. And, on the rare occasions that her fists don’t have enough of a punch, her electrified boxing gloves sure do!

She’s one tough cookie!

Okami is the go-to heavy hitting problem solver of the Otogi high school bank. This “bank” is actually a school club that helps defenseless students when there is a problem the student can’t handle by themselves. Like dealing with bullies, gangs, scam artists ect. But that’s nothing Okami’s secret admirer Ryoshi doesn’t already know. He has been following her around for a while now, after all. Ryoshi is a one boy super fan club of Okami. He has been stanning Okami all day every day, and his one dream is to stand by her side. One little problem, Ryoshi is a total wimp and even has a phobia of people looking at him!

He has a phobia of people looking at him!

So, when Ryoshi finally gathers enough courage to confess his feelings to Okami, she completely rejects him. But with a little help from Okami’s friends at the Otogi high school bank, maybe this sweet heart of a boy can show Okami that he can be just as tough as she is!


Hiyori, cute on the outside, blood sport expert on the inside!

Though the anime Noragami is most well know for the amazing fight scenes featuring Yato and his godly sword Yukine, there is a third main character that has some impressive fighting skills of her own. Hiyori Iki is the beloved daughter of a wealthy owner of a hospital, the princess of the Iki house hold, an average skirt and blazer wearing high school student, and a huge fan of MMA and professional wrestling! She watches every fight with the passion very few can understand, and she’s not the type of girl that’s satisfied with just sitting on the sidelines and cheering on her favorite pro fighters. She masters the fighting skills too! Though Hiyori tries to be demure around her school friends, it’s only after she meets Yato and his mad house of trouble that she finally gets to break out with her devastating wrestling moves. When Yato nearly gets eaten by a giant toad monster, it’s Hiyori that unleashes the royal smack down on the creature with a “Jungle Savate” that even Tono sama would be impressed with.

hiyori kicking!
Tono sama would be proud!
hiyori kicking!
Take that evil spirit!
hiyori looking fierce
Not even a god is safe from the fierce Hiyori!

Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun

Azz, Iruma, and Ameri

Though there are many heroic characters with strong fighting skills in the anime Welcome to Demon School Iruma kun, the undeniable queen of Babyls demon school is Ameri, the student council president. She’s not just another pretty face, her strength of fists and strength of will is what really carried her to the top of the student body. When Ameri isn’t using her demonic punches, kicks, and magic to keep the rowdy students at Babyls in check, her charismatic leadership skills and devotion to the betterment of the school is more than enough to have every student on her side and ready to follow. With Ameri’s Amazonian good looks, fighting skills, and born leadership, she seems nearly unstoppable! Her only weakness is romance manga and a certain little not-so-demonic cinnamon roll of a student.

Nothing keeps students in line like a heel kick!