Anime Spring Break Get Away!

Spring is finally in full swing! The flowers are blooming in nearly every tree. Every street corner is bustling with the bouncing and dozing heads of daffodils and tulips. Tender and vibrant technicolor green leaves adorn every bush, making the darker Winter leaves look dull in comparison. The breeze still has a brisk chill as it carries pink and white flower petals through the air. At last people are finally getting out of their houses and enjoying a little fun and a lot of festivals and parades. Of course, with the gentler weather, people are also enjoying some traveling during the Spring Break. I just got back from a trip to Texas (it was lovely!) and a lot of my coworkers are planing to take their own vacay in the coming days. And my techy friends at work aren’t the only one’s that like a change of scenery when Spring arrives, there’s plenty of anime characters that love getting away for Spring Break too! Whether they are jet setting off to Hong Kong for a few days, enjoying some leisure time by a scenic lake, or sailing to a small seaside town via yacht, there is just something wonderful about traveling for Spring!

Card Captor Sakura: First Movie

In the first movie of Card Captor Sakura, the main character and namesake of the anime Sakura just happens to try her had at a prize drawing at a local gift shop. And she wins! She really wins. As in, she receives the grand prize of an international trip for three to Hong Kong! All expenses paid. Unfortunately her dad can’t come because of work, but Sakura’s grumbly older brother Toya and her secret crush Yuki are available, so off they go for a traveling adventure. Not surprisingly considering that Sakura’s two class mates are from Hong Kong, the traveling trio stumble upon Shaoran and Mei Lin while they were out touring. With a travel group made up of an older brother that can see ghosts and spirits, his best friend that is a Clow Card guardian in disguise, the master of the Clow Cards, a descendant of the wizard Clow, and a little kung fu master, of course ancient curses, angry spirits out for revenge, and some action packed magical fights is all going to be part of the itinerary!

Pretty Cure

In the original series of Pretty Cure, the heroic duo are each going on a Spring Break vacation with their families. Honoka is traveling with her grandmother to a secluded traditional Japanese inn in the mountains where she hopes to research some mysterious local legends. While Nagisa is planning to travel with her parents and little brother to a lakeside hotel to have a few days of luxurious leisure. Little did they know that they were actually going to travel to the exact same lakeside mountain inn! Though there was a bit of confusion and surprise when the duo crossed paths, the families quickly got along, and Honoka just as quickly recruited Nagisa to accompany her to a mysterious island where local legend says that wishes could be granted. Of course, the bad guys were laying in wait to ambush the two heroes and even hijacked two suits of armor connected to the legends to attack Honoka and Nagisa, but it was nothing that the plucky Pretty Cure heroes couldn’t handle!

Boys Over Flowers

In the anime Boys Over Flowers (not to be confused with the Japanese live action re-make, or the Korean live action re-make) the ever feisty main character Tsukushi could use a little break from the drama at school so instead of going on the luxurious yacht cruise that the rest of the rich kids at school are going on, she opts for visiting a little seaside village with her parents. Little did she know that Tsukasa and the rest of the Four Flowers club weren’t about to leave her alone, even for Spring Break. So of course, all the rich kids from school that had been bullying Tsukushi pull into the harbor of the same seaside village where Tsukushi is staying! And not surprisingly, plenty of drama follows them too.