Anime and the Coveted Raspberry Cookie

The last icy mud puddles of the season are slowly starting to thaw, and the dark days of Winter are finally coming to an end. And in North America, where I live, that means one thing. It’s Girl Scout COOKIE Season!!! Green clad little girls are setting up shop in front of every grocery store and shopping plaza to sell their sugar laden wares to anyone passing by. Of course, there is plenty of the old favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas, but this year is particularly special with the addition of an entirely new cookie. The Raspberry Rally! Oooo! Cookie experts in the know, claim that it’s like a Thin Mint but with a pink interior and a berry flavor. Pink?! Chocolate and berry flavors?! Of course, once I heard that description I knew I had to have some! Little did I know how difficult that would be. When I went to my nearest GS cookie booth, I found out that the booths don’t have the Raspberry Rally, and it was only available to buy online. Then when I went online, to my horror, I found that they were all sold out! Foiled and defeated at every turn, I started to wonder if there was ever an anime character that had to endure the cookie related trauma that I did? Hmm, there are some anime characters that really like food . . . After a bit of investigating I found that there are indeed anime characters that could commiserate with the cookie deprivation that I had to suffer through.

Saiki – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

saiki eating pudding
if only I could find Raspberry Rallys as easily!

Saiki Kusuo definitely understands my pining for the rare and elusive Raspberry Rally. In the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K there is nothing that this unsociable psychic loves more than coffee pudding. He will spend all of his holiday money on it, walk out of his way to a special grocery store for it, jump through mathematical hoops to find the best deal for it, and even tolerate sitting in a cafe with another person just to get a taste of this bitter sweet dessert. Though, I have to admit that Saiki seems to be a whole lot better at finding his favorite treat than I am. Hmm, maybe I need to become a psychic to get my hands on some of those raspberry cookies?


flying kick in convenience store
their hungry and they mean business!

If anyone can sympathize with the gut wrenching pain of not getting the snack I obsessively desire it would be the main character of the anime Ben-to, Yoh Satou. In this anime, when it comes to food shopping, there is definitely a lot of pain. Poor Yoh is unfortunate enough to end up in a high school that has a bizarre system of battle royal fights to decide who gets to snatch up the limited supply of half priced ready-made meals at the local convenience stores. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, or maybe it should be student-eat-discount world! And in some of Yoh’s first shopping trips, he does not do well. In fact, he ends up in the hospital for his shopping troubles. But this doesn’t keep this determined and hungry new student down! He won’t give up in his pursuit of half priced meals, and neither should I give up on my cookie goals!

Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knock Out!

cast of life with an ordinary guy who reincarnated into a total fantasy knock out!

In the anime Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knock Out! characters don’t just use psychic powers or break out into a fist fight to get the snacks they want, they will actually slay and eat a deified sea monster! In one of the later episodes of Total Fantasy Knock Out! Hinata Tachibana is kidnapped once again, but this time it’s by some sea side villagers that intend to use him as a sacrifice for their local sea monster/deity. Needless to say Jinguji isn’t about to let his best friend get eaten by a giant squid, even if they had been arguing, so of course he steps in to help slay the beast. Though you would think the villagers would be pretty steamed that someone killed their local guardian, but the villagers are actually pretty okay with it and happily grill and eat the squid monster!