RIP Hamster Mouse! A Moment of Silence

There will be no post today due to a moment of silence after the death of my adorable little hamster mouse (Momo). There were signs that Momo’s health was failing Monday night when the red light on her chubby little tail started flickering. Within hours her condition quickly declined and by the next morning my computer companion was unresponsive. Many attempts were made to try to revive Momo (changing the batteries, flicking the power switch on and off) but my hamster mouse did not recover. Momo had been with me through thick and thin since the beginning of this blog, though my mouse didn’t always work great, she was always a cute inspiration and a cheerful sidekick to my pink themed computer space. And seriously, how can I feel inspired to write when this is my sweet Momo’s replacement! An ugly hand-me-down from my roommate. Ugh!

Uhg! Soooo boring looking! I simply can not write!
Good bye my sweet hamster mouse, I will miss you dearly!

5 thoughts on “RIP Hamster Mouse! A Moment of Silence

  1. Well, surely you can keep the hampster mouse around as reminder of happy times…and who knows, maybe the ugly duckling mouse will grow into something beautiful…?

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    1. That’s a very sweet sentiment! Thank you! Yes, I will be keeping Momo on my desk as a paper weight. Hmm I’m not so sure the plain gray mouse will grow on me. At the moment I’m still looking to replace the dowdy hand-me-down mouse with something more pink.

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