Magnificent Mom’s of Anime!

In North America, once every year, on a special Sunday in May, everyone spends the day trying to express to the Mom figures in their lives how much that person means to them. It’s a very sweet holiday that is filled with fancy brunches at restaurants, high tea’s at cafes, and pink floofy flowers a plenty being sold at every store that sells anything! From gas stations to jewellery shops they will all have a small display somewhere with a selection of bouquets. Though I’ve never seen Mother’s Day specifically mentioned or depicted in anime, I feel like there are several anime that do honor the title of Mom and there are more than a few anime characters that are truly some of the best Mom’s anyone could ask for. From risking their life to protect their adopted children, or jump kicking anyone to would dare lay a finger on their step child, to letting their only child follow their dreams even though it might be hard, these anime Moms have an iron fist, a sharp tongue, an eagle eye, and a heart of gold!

Bellmere- One Piece

Though not their biological mom, Bellmere always saw her adopted daughters Nami and Nojiko as her own. For a former marine, Bellmere was surprisingly lenient with the two girls and often forgave them from the mischief they got into. But one thing this tough as nails mom never was lax or flexible about was the safety of her children. In fact, she would even go toe-to-toe with murderous shark-men pirates to keep her girls safe.

Yor – SpyXFamily

When Anya met super secret spy Loyd Forger, she might have been able to see what is on his mind, but she never saw the loving mom that was in her future! Yor joined the Forger family after Anya, yet the two seem to be closer than Anya is to her undercover adopted dad. Not only did Yor become Anya’s lethal body guard, she also had the patience to give the clumsy tot special training for Anya’s big dodge ball competition. For a top assassin, Yor is surprisingly kind and affectionate to her little step daughter!

Inko – My Hero Academia

In the anime My Hero Academia, Deku’s mom Inko Midoriya might have dropped the ball a bit when her highly impressionable preschool aged son asked if he could still be a hero after learning that he didn’t have a quirk (When in that situation always say, “Yes! Anyone can be a hero!”) but she spent the rest of her life trying to be the best most supportive mom she could be. Even after Deku was injured and many parents were rethinking whether or not they wanted their children to attend UA and even Inko wanted to remove her son from the hero training program, she knew that Deku would never be happy giving up on his dream. In the end she decided to let him continue on his path to be a hero, even though they both knew it would be dangerous!

Yuwa – Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Sewing isn’t easy, and for larger sewing projects it can be a labor of love. So when Akebi’s mom promised to make a whole sailor suit uniform for her daughter who was entering high school, it could be nothing short than an expression of a loving and crafty mom! Little did either of them know that Akebi’s chosen school no longer used sailor suit uniforms and had switched to blazer style uniforms. Though Akebi was allowed to wear the handmade garb it would also make the high school girl the center of attention for better and worse!

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  1. Oh, I haven’t watched Toradora yet. I’ve heard some really good things about that anime, but it’s been lingering on my To Watch list for a really long time. I really should bump it up to a higher priority!

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