How in the Anime World Did this Happen?! Anime-Hanabi got Hacked!

So . . . Yeah, my website got hacked. A little while ago I happened upon a blogger who posted about their troubles with setting up a new blog on WordPress. Wanting to commiserate with them, I mentioned that I also had some trouble with WP when I tried to switch themes for my blog a few months ago. And then to my shock, they kindly pointed out that my website still had some problems and that the link under my name redirected them to a very sketchy looking website. I don’t tend to click on my own link to my website, so I had no idea that this was going on! After some digging on my part and some thoughtful help from the blogger, we managed to track down the problem. And this story should have ended with the fair and noble ani-blogger (that’s me) easily deleting the fraudulent link, thwarting the villainous and truly dastardly hacker that attacked my site, restoring peace and harmony to all of my website. That would have been lovely!

If Yuki Nagato did it, I might forgive her

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. I ended up spending hours going around in circles with both WP and Gravatar trying to get the link deleted, or edited, or something. To my unending kerfuffle, everything I could edit had the correct URL and everything that might have been hiding a fake URL, I wasn’t allowed to edit! Getting rather miffed, I tried just deleting my whole Gravatar account. But, weirdly enough, that didn’t actually do anything! My profile image is still there and so is the sketchy link attached to it. Beaten and stymied at every turn, I finally sent a feeble plea for help to the WP wizards. Two days later, and I still haven’t heard anything back from them.

So . . . Yeah, my website got hacked. And there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do about it. So if you want to use a short cut to get to my website or most recent blog post, please don’t click on my profile image or the link underneath. It’s a trap! And not a cute anime one.

The link is a trap!

11 thoughts on “How in the Anime World Did this Happen?! Anime-Hanabi got Hacked!

      1. Yay, just 50 hours after sending up the white flag, and asking WP for some help, the WP wizards came through! It seems that the problems been solved and they recommended that I change my account password for better security! Yay! I’m so happy my website isn’t attached to a hacker’s website anymore!

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        1. Hooray for you! Must have gotten thru to a higher level of support. The purpose of first level support is to help you do what you could have done for yourself and discourage you from going higher in the food chain.

          When I worked support for a certain ISP, when you asked for a supervisor, you got transferred to another line agent. If you wanted a higher super than that, there were agents who specifically took “escalations” but had no special training or authority other than to forward a trouble ticket to corporate support, who might or might not actually do something. They’d email the call center and then the call center would relay any information to the customer.

          There are a few very angry customers.

          WP support sounds better than that.

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  1. Oh, now that is a low blow! I mean, we pour our hearts and our souls into what we write, and someone comes along, hacks your site, turns what is yours to their own ends? I can only imagine how that must feel, and it sucks!

    My sympathies, and good luck getting things righted somehow!

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    1. Yes! Thank you so much for your help! Because you pointed me in the right direction, I was able to explain the problem to the WP wizards much more clearly. I’m also really happy that it got fixed. I had a couple really stressful days until that dastardly hacker got thwarted!

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