Buying Something Just Because it’s Kawaii!

Buying something just because it’s cute, but you have no real use or need for it. Buying something just because you like the packaging, even though you have no interest in the thing inside the packaging. There’s actually a Japanese word for this habit. In fact, I’ve been scouring the internet, scrutinizing every Japanese slang language blog I could find for the past 6 months, just to hunt down this one elusive word. I know it’s out there somewhere, though I only saw it mentioned once on an episode of Kawaii International on NHK. I still haven’t found it yet. That of course doesn’t mean that I have given up the search for that Japanese term, or that I have in any way lessened my habit of indulging in this activity.

because I really shouldn’t be grocery shopping while I’m hungry!

An example of this strange habit in real life happened to me last Saturday while I was shopping at a local Korean grocery store. I was strolling down the snack food aisle because I really shouldn’t be grocery shopping while I’m hungry, and I stumbled upon a display of pastel colored cans of soda. And what was emblazoned across each can? A character of Sailor Moon! The whole cast was there! Melon soda, lychee soda, pineapple soda! Each with it’s own Sailor Moon hero striking an action pose! I instantly knew I must have them. They were just too cute! Then I noticed the price for these lovely promotional gems. $6 USD! It was a swindle! How dare the store charge such outrageous prices. $6 for one little can of soda, they should be ashamed of themselves!

I put a can sporting Sailor Mini Moon in my basket. It was lychee flavored but I didn’t really care, it was all for the adorable pink can anyway.

I later found it available online for 1/3 the price!

If you are also be a fan of the TV show Kawaii International and just happen to remember the episode I’m referring to, or if you are a Japanese shopping slang expert and just happen to know the word I’ve been searching for, Please do share any information you might have! I would be very appreciative. The search for this term has been driving me nuts! It’s almost enough to make me want to go back to the store and buy the rest of the Sailor Moon sodas.

5 thoughts on “Buying Something Just Because it’s Kawaii!

  1. Maybe you’re thinking of パケ買い; パッケージ買い? Buying something because it has nice packaging!
    There’s also ジャッケット買い, when the jacket or cover of a cd/book looks nice so you want to buy it~

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