Anime Instant Reactions: Smile, Laugh, Clap, Cheer!

As I was furiously trying to watch all of the Winter anime season premiers in one binge watching dash (I’m a little behind because I’ve been distracted by binge watching the anime Ace Attorney) and I noticed an odd little pattern I seem to keep doing as I watched one new series after another. Based on how well I was immersed in the story, and how much I enjoyed the anime episode I would go from one level of reaction to the next. I would start out smiling if I kind of enjoyed the anime, if the anime was making me happy I would go from just smiling to laughing, if I was really enjoying the anime or really liked a particular scene I would start clapping, and if I really loved a moment I would break into a full cheer! I always wondered why my roommate would say I’m too noisy whenever I watched anime while they were trying to sleep. Now it all makes sense! (Sorry roomy, I will try to be more conscience of my cheering. Gomenasai!) But this new realization of how I react to anime also made me take note that I have clear levels that I rank anime into. So, though I don’t tend to write much first reaction posts (I think this might be my first one on this blog) here is my instant reactions to the anime premiers I’ve seen so far!

Kind of liked itThis makes me happyThis is so good!YES! This is Awesome!

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale


This is a fantasy anime about the daughter of a famous candy maker that wants to win a major competition for candy making so she can follow in her late mother’s footsteps. But to get to the candy making competition she needs to travel across the continent along a very dangerous highway. To protect her on her trip she buys a warrior fairy. After humans enslaved the fairies, not surprisingly, fairies are less than happy with the humans. So her body guard is not exactly the friendliest guy. The artwork is so beautiful in this anime, and I love the conflicting dynamic between the two main characters. Definitely clap worthy!

Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady


This anime is about a princess (Princess Anisphia) who can’t use magic in a magic using world. To get around her little problem and to peruse her dream of flying, Anisphia develops magical items for her to use. As a child Anisphia happen to see a magical genius (Euphyllia) practicing her skills in a secluded garden and the princess immediately became a huge fan of Euphyllia. That magical genius eventually became the crown prince’s fiance, but the crown prince (Princess Anisphia’s brother) is kind of a jerk and totally dumps the Euphyllia! And was really mean about it too! So Princess Anisphia swoops in and rescues Euphyllia and they fly away on the princess’s magical broom. It was such an epic moment I couldn’t help but cheer!

Buddy Daddies


This is a rather light hearted romp considering it’s about two assassin roommates that happen to find a little girl while they were on a job. I just loved the dynamic between the two friend. One is a total player, but at home he’s very responsible, tidy, and good at adulting. While the other friend is a gamer shut it that is a complete slob, but also really kind and has a habit of taking in stray animals. There was a twist at the end that I couldn’t help but laugh at.

Technoroid Overmind


Technoroid Overmind is an anime set in the near-ish future and is about a group of androids that share a house together. Unfortunately, these robots haven’t been paying their bills at all and just kind of mooching off of societal neglect. Well, after a whole year of enjoying free electricity, the time has finally come for them to pay up! But they don’t have any money and don’t have anyway to make money. And if they lose a way to recharge their batteries they will have to shut down. So they get this idea to become an idol group and compete in a singing competition for money. They find out the hard way that idoling isn’t easy. After crashing and burning in their first competition, they meet a new friend that inspires them to sing together! It was quite cute, but a little predictable.

The Ice Guy and his Cool Female Colleague


This anime is about the son of a Yuki Onna (snow woman) that is quite nervous about his new job and gets stuck in a block of his own ice! Thankfully, a very nice lady stops by and offers him some of her tea and a little snack, and he relaxes enough for his ice to crack and free himself. Later that day he finds that the nice lady is actually his new coworker. She’s a cool, logical, stoic type of lady and he is quite smitten with her. It’s a very sweet anime, but a little dull.

Tomo Chan is a Girl!


Tomo Chan is a Girl is about a very strong, energetic, and athletic girl named Tomo. She has a huge crush on her childhood friend, but he totally doesn’t see her as a girl at all. Poor Tomo even tries to confess her feelings to him, but he totally thinks she’s just talking about how they are “Bro’s”. The guy she has a crush on is so hilariously oblivious to her advances, I just had to laugh!

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte


This is a wonderful twist on the isekai genre! This isn’t an average gamer going from our world to the world of a fantasy video game, but rather two friends playing a fantasy game together but strangely one of the characters in the game can hear their conversation! Like many Otome fantasy games, the prince charming character is supposed to dump this tsundere fiance for the kind hearted hero of the game. As a result the dumped fiance becomes an evil monster and is killed in the end. The two friends playing the game think that it’s a very sad ending for a tsundere girl that didn’t really deserve it, so they decide to talk the prince charming character into saving his fiance instead of abandoning and then killer her. This is just such a unique and fun twist on the standard isekai, and the prince’s reactions are just so fun, I had to clap!

Farming Life in Another World

Smile (almost didn’t smile!)

I have to admit, I almost didn’t finish the first episode of this anime. If you were wondering what level is lower than smiling, the answer is “I turn the anime off” level. I don’t tend to watch anime I don’t enjoy. And the first few minutes of this anime were kind of a turn off. It was filled with the way too over used trope of a average guy surrounded with beautiful ladies that adore him and everything in his life is perfect on his bucolic farm. (rolls eyes, “sigh!”) But then the story skipped to the beginning of the story where the main character has just died after living a pretty crappy life and a deity is apologizing to him. The main character is sent to another world to be a farmer, but he isn’t just given a farm, instead he’s plopped down in the middle of the woods and he has to make everything by hand. Even his out door potty! I don’t know, it was just kind of relaxing to watch, it put a smile on my face.

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