Holiday . . . fatigue . . . too. . . exhausted. . . to type! . . . Blarg! (I died)

I had one heck of a great Christmas yesterday, Santa brought me a great manga that I really wanted, I watched some surprisingly good anime, and I got to play with legos with my family! And there was lots and lots (too much!) holiday tasty treats to be had. And now I am seriously tired. Sorry everyone, there won’t be a regular post today! FIY, if you’re looking for a lightly holiday anime check out the four part Christmas story arc (Turnabout Good Byes) in the anime Ace Attorney. It’s really good!

There was way too much tasty food!

One thought on “Holiday . . . fatigue . . . too. . . exhausted. . . to type! . . . Blarg! (I died)

  1. I feel you there. I wasn’t able to blog too much before and a few days after Christmas day. And once again, my Christmas was thorny (details to that coming soon!) Once again, hoping you had a happy Christmas!

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