Anime snow battles!

Just a little while ago the small city where I live got it’s first snow of the season. I live near the Pacific ocean, so it wasn’t a big impressive blizzard like in places farther inland tend to have, but rather a gentle powdering of giant floofy snow flakes that drifted lazily down from great cottony clouds. It turned lawns into tufts of shimmery white cotton candy, streets into pale fluffy quilts, and my car into a giant round puff ball. The first snow is a special time of year when everything is sparkling and new looking. It’s a short period of time before the days of cold drag on in to months and everyone starts wishing for Spring. I was lucky enough that it was my day off so I had plenty of time to clomp around my neighborhood in my snow boots and people watch as everyone was enjoying their snow day. Kids were in vibrantly colored snow suits and buntings frolicking in the fluff. Grown ups were out too, mostly to keep their little ones from getting into much trouble, but also to throw a few snowballs. That got me to thinking, what anime characters would have loved to join the snow ball fight?


grumpy watanuki in the snow

Yuko in the anime XXXHolic would have definitely have loved to join in on a snowball fight! Though, with her bizarre magic, she certainly wouldn’t have had a normal snow battle. Not when there’s so much fun to be had with magical helper snow creatures to add a little interest to the snowball war. Watanuki and his friends (and frienemies?) of course are invited to join in. Yuko probably couldn’t last a whole day without teasing her part-timer employee from her wish granting shop, and what better way to play with her highly dramatic and over re-active high school aged ward than to pelt him with snow! Of course the day of playing in the snow wouldn’t be complete with out having a picnic in an igloo and ordering poor Watanuki to do the cooking and serving the snacks.

Natsume Yujincho

natsume and friends playing in the snow

A snow fight gets a whole new meaning when Natsume makes an adorable snow bunny and then it gets possessed by an angry spirit! In the Winter arc of the series Natsume Yujincho, Natsume and Nyanko Sensei find a big snowy clearing with two stone statues in the forest. The two have some fun in the snow, and Natsume makes a little snow bunny with leaf ears and little red berry eyes. Little did they know there was an angry spirit from one of the stone statues lurking in the clearing. And when the spirit pounces to try to possess Natsume, it missed and possessed his snow bunny instead! Not deterred in the least, the angry spirit attacks again using it’s snow bunny body! . . . and it does almost nothing to Natsume. It’s a ball of snow with a couple leaves after all. Natsume, of course, doesn’t take any offense from the furious and very adorable snowball attacking him and decides to help the angry spirit in whatever way he can.

Haven’t you heard, I’m Sakamoto?

sakamoto throwing snow balls quickly

It should be no surprise that the epic high schooler that seem to be good at everything is equally epic in a snow ball fight! Though Sakamoto has never seen snow before, it doesn’t take much training for him to become a snow master. Of course, the same can’t be said for his friends when they challenge him to a snowball fight. They really should have known better than to turn against a high schooler that can avoid amorous moms like a ninja, trick school delinquents into participating in tribal dances, and even helped a lunch lady’s special dish become more popular via subliminal messaging! But in the end, Sakamoto never wanted to win the wintery war, he just wanted to have fun with his friends.

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