Anime to Sing in the Season!

As the stores, coffee shops, and malls are slowly being taken over by the holidays, so too is the air being taken over by the sweet melodies of the season. It’s become nearly impossible to go anywhere outside the home without hearing the chipper, bouncy beat of holiday songs from the 1940’s and 50’s, the crooning Winter blues of the 1960’s through 90’s, or the lyricless jazzy cafe holiday music of the 2000’s. A recent challenge that has sprung up on the internet is to try to last through the whole holiday season without hearing the “Little Drummer Boy” carol, and I have to admit, I’ve already failed that challenge about a couple dozen times already. There perhaps isn’t any other time of year where the sounds that drift through the air are such an integral part of the season. What would a tree lighting ceremony be without the joyful ring of a children’s choir? What would a holiday fair be without the roving quartet of Victorian dressed carolers? What would mall shopping be without the song “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” in a maddening, never ending, repeating loop for hours on end? Okay, that last one isn’t so great, but it’s definitely part of the season! Though there isn’t a lot of anime I can think of that feature characters that sing at holiday pageants or as strolling carolers, I can think of quite a few singers in anime that wouldn’t mind belting out a few holiday songs for their friends and loved ones. And I can almost imagine the kinds of songs they would want to sing! So if you’ve ever wished that your favorite holiday carol could be an ani-song, here are a few anime singers for the job!


kobato singing with flower petals in the wind

The anime Kobato is an adorable story of a mysterious girl that appears in a city park with the mission of healing people’s hearts and collecting magical candies in a jar so she can have her wish granted. Throughout the anime Kobato shows that not only is she a pretty handy daycare worker, she’s also and enchanting songstress! In fact, the viewer is introduced to Kobato and her amazing ability to bring joy to others by hearing her gently lull a cranky baby to sleep with her sweet song about Spring. Kobato grows to love so many people in the anime, that I think she would sing a holiday song for everyone that she’s become close to. With her gentle lilting voice and affinity of singing folk music, she would probably want to sing something like the song“The Friendly Beasts”


Shuichi and yuki hugging

Gravitation is a BL anime about a up and coming new singer named Shuichi and his crush on an arctic cold romance writer named Eiri Yuki. They meet after Shuichi gets writers’ block while creating a song and the romance writer happens to see the draft of the song in progress. And Eiri’s less that nice about the quality of the song. After that unpleasant encounter, Shuichi can’t get the romance writer out of his head, and extreme annoyance becomes affection. Shuichi is such an energetic singer who loves expressing his feelings through his singing, and he would definitely express his holiday spirit and adoration of Eiri through a carol. Of course, the song he would love to sing is “All I want for Christmas is You!”

Skip Beat

shotaro looking smug

In the anime Skip Beat, Shotaro Fuwa is a new visual key singer and he’s hardly a good guy. After he used the main character (Kiyoko) as his personal maid/piggy bank, and then threw her aside once his music career starting being successful, he proved that he wasn’t on Santa’s Nice List. There’s a good reason Kiyoko vowed vengeance against him after Sho abandoned her. Though his actions were pretty terrible that doesn’t mean that he has an terrible singing voice. Regardless of how offal his personality is, Sho has managed to climb his way to become a top celebrity. Unfortunately, for Kiyoko this mean her mission to beat him at his own game is going to be more difficult, but it also means that Sho can probably sing some pretty awesome holiday songs! If Sho was going to do something “uncool” like singing a holiday song, I think he would do it for his childhood friend Kiyoko and he would probably sing a Heavy Metal version of the song “White Christmas“.

Takt. Op Destiny

takt. op destiny cast

In the anime Takt. Op Destiny, the musician Takt lives for playing the piano, unfortunately that’s the one thing he really shouldn’t do after aliens invaded the Earth and happen to be attracted to music. But with the help of a super powered girl that gets her strength from the power of his music, Takt can finally do what he loves to fight back against the aliens and save the world! Takt is kind of obsessed with his music, so I don’t think he would concern himself too much with play his song for any particular person besides himself, but whatever he played it would definitely be something with a really strong beat. The carol“Little Drummer Boy” might be just the song to bring out Takt’s artistic flare!

6 thoughts on “Anime to Sing in the Season!

  1. Oooh nice post, I’d say Visual kei from “Visual prison” is also a good one. It’s about vampire singers singing under the scarlet moon. I think it would be fun to see them sing some Christmas songs, probably something metal combined.

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  2. Oooh nice post, I’d say Visual kei from “Visual prison” is also a good one. It’s about vampire singers singing under the scarlet moon. I think it would be fun to see them sing some Christmas songs, probably something metal combined.

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  3. Yes, I’ve seen that anime! Now that you mention it, that would be really good. I’d love to hear the group Lost Eden singing a metal version of “Carol of the Bells”! Hmm, I think Eclipse would probably sing something like “Oh Holy Night”, and Oz would sing something cute and fun like “Jingle Bells”.

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