If Anime Were Pie . . .

After the great feasting day known as Thanksgiving, I’ve kind of had pie on the mind. Maybe it’s because I had to make pies for the first time in years. Maybe it’s because of all the pie recipe research I had to do to prepare myself for the baking challenge. But for one reason or another, everything seems to be revolving around pies recently. So that got me pondering, if anime were flavors of pie, what kinds of pie would they be? Would they be crumb or pastry crusted? Fruit or cream filled? Fancy lattice topped or a more homey crumble topped? Of course, as you surely can tell, this is a topic of vital importance and it definitely needs a deeper investigation! So, I’ve devised this cross reference table to find out what kinds of pie an anime series might be! It’s brilliant!

Anime and Pie, a natural pair!

Step One: First analyze what is the basic form of the anime pie by selecting from the basic descriptors of the anime. Is it Exciting? Thought Provoking? Fancy? Only select one form from each of the groups (A, B, and C)

Crumb Crust = Exciting1 Fruit = thought provokingLattice Top = fancy
Pastry Crust = Subdued2 Cream = sweet/gentleCrumble Top = homey
No crust = Nonsense!3 Meat = violentCreamy Fluff Top = not serious
Anime Pie Step One

Step Two: Next focus on the finer details of the pie to differentiate it from other anime. When you have all of your pie forms and details selected, you should have the correct flavor of pie for a given anime. Select only one from the B sub groups (B-1, B-2, or B-3) You must be consistent with your filling from Step One. So if you selected Cream filling in Step One, you can not select Steak in Step Two.

B – 1B – 2B – 3
Fruit FillingsCream FillingsMeat Fillings
Apple = familyChocolate = romanceSteak = grim
Sour Cherry = sadnessCoconut = sillynessTurkey = loyalty
Mixed Berry = varietyPumpkin = spicyFish = weird
Anime Pie Step Two

For example: For the anime One Piece it should be: Exciting, violent, not serious, with plenty of weirdness so the pie flavor is . . . . Crumb crust, fish pie with whipped mash potato top! So a fish Shepard’s pie? Sounds like a pie any pirate would love!

For the anime Natsume Yujincho the pie should be: Subdued, sweet/gentle, homey, spicy. So Natsume’s pie is, a pumpkin pie with a pastry crust on bottom and a crumble on top. Nice! I could totally see Nyanko Sensei loving that!

For the anime Attack On Titan it should be: Subdued, violent, fancy, grim. So the AOT pie is, a steak pot pie with a lattice top! Just the kind of hearty meal needed to keep the AOT heroes fueled and ready for battle!

As you can see, this anime to pie conversion system is completely infallible!

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