Anime That is Over the Moon for the Moon!

By now everyone has probably already heard about the spectacular launch of the Artemis One mission by NASA. As we watch anime here on Earth, the Artemis rocket is trundling it’s way through space to it’s final destination, The Moon! Though they aren’t sending astronauts to the Moon yet, that part is coming soon! And you could definitely feel the anticipatory excitement at the late night launch broadcast, which had all the excitement, energy, and cheerful hosts of a holiday parade. There was even a symphony tribute to the flight! Watching all the engineers, astronauts, and scientists geek out over their new mission made it clear that NASA is just crazy in love with the Moon. But NASA isn’t the only one’s that are smitten with our nearest space neighbor, there are quite a few anime that rather fancy the Lunar form too! Whether it’s a sailor girl with the power of the Moon, or the bloody grin of a moon watching over the antics of meister trainees, there are so many anime that have gone loony for the Moon!

Sailor Moon

Though NASA might be the number one fan of the Moon, the anime Sailor Moon definitely comes in a close second. Moon is even in it’s name! Not to mention that the main character of the series, when she isn’t in her magic girl form of Sailor Moon, her regular name is Usagi Tsukino’s, which also means Moon Rabbit. Her name refers to an old Japanese folktale about rabbits living on the moon. This is quite the appropriate moniker for a magic girl that uses the powers of the Moon to fight crime. To top off this anime’s adoration with the Moon, Usagi’s talking cat/sidekick is named Luna!


In the anime Inuyasha, the Moon is so beloved that whenever it’s missing like during a New Moon, the co-hero of the series loses his demonic powers! Though Inuyasha becomes human (and much more agreeable) during the darkest night of the month, he doesn’t just become an average villager. Without the light of the Moon at night, he actually becomes pretty weak, and has to take shelter in case there is any demon lurking around looking for a little half demon snack!

Soul Eater

Very few anime have quite such iconic astral bodies hovering in the sky like the anime Soul Eater. Not only is the spiky haired Sun ready to rock out during the day, the ever grinning Moon also gets plenty of time on screen. And to make this leering face in the sky even more eye catching, sometimes this celestial smile is oozing blood between the teeth!

Full Moon Sagashite

12 year old Mitsuki of Full Moon Sagashite has not had an easy life, not only has cancer prevented her from singing as mush as she wanted, now she’s met some shinigami (death gods) that have let it slip that she’s going to die in a year. Other shojo heroes might give up and cry, but not Mitsuki, this just means that she has nothing to loose! With a little help from her new shinigami friends, she’s ready to become an idol and what better stage name to hide her identity than the dazzling light of the whole moon!


Though the desert planet of Gunsmoke has plenty of moons to spare, that doesn’t diminish the fact that the ever destructive main character of Trigun, Vash the Stampede, managed to blow a hole right through one of them! But this attack on the moon wasn’t because Vash had a vendetta against this celestial body, but rather Vash had lost control of his weaponized arm and shooting a death ray into the sky was the safest place it could go. So the spare moon took the hit and bravely sacrificed itself for the greater good of humanity on the planet below!

Just added this image in because it looked pretty!

7 thoughts on “Anime That is Over the Moon for the Moon!

      1. OMG! It totally is! I thought the ending song would just be a Japanese song that happen to have the title of Fly Me To The Moon, but it’s the actual American song from the 1950’s. Very surprising! Thank you for sharing this!

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      2. When Netflix picked up the rights to Evengelion they didn’t want to spring for the rights to the song.

        It was originally written in 1954 by Bart Howard as a cabaret song and sung by Kaye Ballard. This song is older than I am.

        Also titled “In Other Words,” it was a big hit for Frank Sinatra in the 60s during the Apollo moon program.

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