Standing among Ani-Blogging Titans!

One Summer, many, many years ago, my older brother came back from Summer camp and he had grown quite a few inches while he was gone. I remember my cat (a surly, grumpy old cat named Kiki) walked up to my brother and plopped himself right down at my brother’s feet. My cat was probably going to demand a head pat or some food. And Kiki looked up, and up, and up, and uuuuupppppppp, to finally see my brother’s face. It was just so funny to see how astonished my little cat Kiki was at how tall my brother had become. At 6 foot 6 inches, he was quite tall!

nyanko sensei being shocked
My cat’s expression when he saw my brother!

Well, yesterday when I was reading all the lovely anime blogs on my favorites feed, and I think I had a looking up and up and up moment! I clicked on a blog post that was simply titled “The Ancient Magus Bride” by Will Lynn Anteiku Anime Reviews. Considering that the anime came out a few years ago, I was expecting a post that was a quick summary of the anime series and than maybe a few key points about how good or bad the blogger thought the series was. I had really enjoyed the series, so I was hoping that the blogger was also a fan and maybe they could point out some interesting points of view of the series.

After reading the first paragraphs of the blog post, I thought that’s exactly what I had found. And then I scrolled a little farther, and there was even more of the blog after a small break made by images. That was a little surprising, because the first paragraphs were pretty brilliant, they outlined the basic ideas of the series and then pointed out some favorite points of the anime, there really wasn’t anything more to say, was there? Curious as to how much longer the post was, I scrolled more . . . and more . . . and mmoooorrrreee!

read or die anime, wave of papers
it was a wave of paragraphs!

That’s when I realized, this wasn’t the standard blog post that a standard anime fan would write, this was a giant, no, a TITAN level fan pouring their heart out about an anime series that had truly touched their soul! The blogger went into such meticulous detail about who was their favorite character and why, and what other anime fans thought of the character, and their alternative take on the same character elements. They analyzed the magic system of the series. They ranked the artwork of the series and the music. They even critiqued the side characters. The Ancient Magus Bride had clearly spoken to them as only a work of art can.

To happen upon a blog post of such quality, heart felt passion, and thought provoking depth, it was like gazing up to such unfathomable heights! This post was both awe inspiring and quite a bit intimidating! This was what writing goals are made of!

shocked anime character
This blog post is a little intimidating!

That being said, could I write a blog post like this one? Ummmm . . . no. I honestly don’t think I’m familiar enough with any anime series to write with such detail about it. I mean, I’ve watched hundreds of anime series, but I’ve never really analyzed a series the way Will Lynn at Anteiku Anime Reviews did. But their writing has certainly inspired me to look more carefully at the anime I’m watching, to think more deeply about the story being expressed in each anime, and to try to think out what I want to write more completely. I don’t think I can write a titan level blog post today, but maybe one day! Writing goals! Writing goals!

Kiyoko looking determined
Writing Goals!

8 thoughts on “Standing among Ani-Blogging Titans!

  1. I mean you certainly do have to appreciate Anteiku’s commitment and depth. I personally don’t think length is the ultimate mark of quality and I wouldn’t sell yourself short. I’ve been around the aniblogger scene and I think you’re one of the good ones. There’s nothing wrong with setting goals and being willing to explore a different style of review.

    Good luck and glad you’re having fun around here.

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    1. Awe, thank you! I do try my best to write interesting blog posts. I was thinking of improving the depth of my writing, rather than the length. I just don’t have a long attention span when it comes to editing my posts. So the length they are now, is about as long as I can proof read. But I could certainly think more carefully about the anime I’m writing about and add more depth to my posts! At least that’s my writing goals! I think one of the best thing about being part of the anime blog-o-sphere is that I get to meet so many other bloggers that truly inspire me to be better!

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