Anime Vampires that Are After Your Heart! and maybe your blood a little bit too

The most common anime vampire is suave, sophisticated, and hauntingly beautiful. They more often than not, have a tragic back story and are eternally pining for their lost love. But not all of the undead are like this, vampires in anime seem to be more on a spectrum rather than just being a single character type. Some are like the dashing and deadly Alucard from Hellsing, and on the other end of the spectrum is the vampire Draluc from The Vampire Dies in No Time, who fits the title of the anime very well and really isn’t suave or terrifying at all. But these less than fatal blood suckers aren’t without their own merits, and what they lack in lethality they more than make up for in endearing personality and a friendship that will last an eternity. So if your looking for some vampire anime that are a little different this Halloween season, here are some vampires that will attack your funny bone, lure you into a sense of security, and steal your heart!

Vampires that steal your heart not your blood!


The anime Servamp is about a high school boy named Mahiro, that finds a sickly little black kitty on his way home and decides to take it home with him. He even names the cat Kuro (meaning black) and buys a new collar for it. Little did he know that by naming and placing a collar on the cat, he created a contractual bond between himself and the creature. And the cat, it wasn’t actually a cat, it’s a vampire! A really lazy vampire that would rather lay around and sleep all the time. Not too surprisingly, the vampire’s real name is Sleepy Ash. He’s one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which are a group of very powerful vampires, much like a undead royalty. Sleepy Ash represents sloth, which certainly explains why he’s so sleepy. Now that Mahiro has made a contract with Sleepy Ash, the vampire is his super powered servant. Unfortunately, that also means that Mahiro is dragged into the tumultuous world of powerful vampires and the up coming war between the Seven Sins and their brother Tsubaki, the eighth sin.

Miss Vampire that Lives in My Neighborhood

Miss Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood is a comedy slice of life anime an adorable doll like vampire Sophie Twilight and the human girl that is obsessed with dolls and anything related to dolls. That includes poor Sophie too! Sophie had lived the quite life in the suburbs, enjoying her blood pack deliveries, surfing on the internet, and being an all around otaku. Then one fateful night when Sophie was out for some fresh air, she happens to be seen by a human, but no just any human. A girl that quickly becomes Sophie’s stalker/biggest fan! One thing leads to another and the girl, Akari, actually moves in with Sophie. Though at first Sophie wasn’t all too happy to have the boisterous girl in her home, the vampire soon grows to enjoy how Akari brings more life into Sophie’s undead lair.

Visual Prison

Visual Prison is an anime about Ange Yuki, a young-ish man that moves from the countryside to the city in part to pursue his favorite band, and also his singing. On his first night in the big city he gets caught up in what is called a visual prison, it’s a battle of the bands and this one happens right in the middle of the street! Yuki is awestruck by the spectacle and is also a little confused by the giant red moon hanging in the sky. To his surprise, he passes out and when he wakes the lead singer of his favorite band offers to take Yuki under his wing and explain everything. The first thing Yuki learns is that the band members that he so adores are actually vampires! And on top of that, Yuki is also a vampire, or at least a half vampire. The band battle that Yuki witnessed the night before are also groups of vampires. The undead have these competitions so they can gather red shards, which allows them to gain power. What ever band wins the yearly music competition, will be able to make a new law for that year and all vampires will have to obey it. Unfortunately, the lead singer that took Yuki under his wing and the young half vampire is now staying with, hasn’t sung in years after his dear friend died. So if Yuki wants to compete in this battle of the bands, he’s going to have to make his own band, and quickly!

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