Bippity Boppity Boo! Anime Witches that are Just Too Cute!

There certainly isn’t any lack of witches in anime that are brooding, dark, intimidating, or just plain scary. Much like their Western counterparts, anime witches like Robin from Witch Hunter Robin or Medusa from Soul Eater, are characters that are more fearsome than friendly. But unlike the traditional European image of a witch, anime also has a much more cheerful magic girl kind of witch too. This character is more colorful, lively, and playful than any classic witch. Unlike the aged and haggard old crones of Western lore, their anime versions are usually significantly younger and much more innocent. These cute magic casters of anime aren’t going to be cursing anyone and instead focus their talents on making charms, getting into mischief, and learning to fly on their brooms. Oddly enough, though the modern Western cultural image of a witch rarely uses them any more, the little anime witch is also more likely to use a magic wand. So in this spooky season, if you’re looking for some witches that are a bit less, witchy, check out some of these magical anime that are truly charming!

little sweet witch
These witches are more sweet than scary!

Kiki’s Delivery Service

kiki finding her new town

Kiki’s Delivery Service is probably the epitome of the cute witch girl character. In this Ghibli Film, all witches must leave home when they turn 13 to complete their training and try to survive on their own. Kiki just became old enough to leave home and she’s eager to try to make her way in the great big world. Her parents are a little less sure. The little witch is still not great at flying on her broom and has yet to specialize in any particular magic. But this does little to dampen Kiki’s enthusiasm, and off she goes one clear night, to find a new town for herself. Her flight to find a new home wasn’t without it’s bumps along the way, but with a little trouble, she finds the perfect town by the sea. At first Kiki was a little unsure where to start her new life in her new town, but she makes fast friends with a baker’s wife that could use some help around the bakery. One thing leads to another, and Kiki starts her own delivery service. At first it’s just to deliver baked goods, but soon it’s to deliver all sorts of things. But things aren’t all sunshine and roses for the little witch, after a few disappointments, she loses heart in her work and even loses the ability to fly! Thankfully, after a little heart to heart chat with an artist friend, Kiki finds her way and even comes to the rescue of her secret crush!

kiki on a delivery
she delivered all sorts of things, including a little black kitty!

Flying Witch

makoto from flying witch

Flying Witch is the cute and heart warming anime about a lovable and kind hearted teen witch (Makoto) that moves from Yokohama to the countryside to live with her cousins and finish her witch training ala Kiki’s Delivery Service. Makoto isn’t exactly the most skilled student witch, so there are plenty of silly, sweet, and unexpected results from her training, but her understanding country cousins seem to take all this oddness with good humor and patience. Makoto doesn’t just get her cousins caught up in her magical misfires, she also brings them along on her whimsical adventures!

cast of flying witch
some seriously understanding cousins

Tweeny Witches

tweeny witches cast

Tweeny Witches in an anime about Arusu, a girl that believes in magic with her whole heart, she even has a real magic book! Unfortunately, she lives in a realistic world where magic doesn’t exist and most people just see her as kind of a nut. One day through a series of accidents, she manages to fall into another dimension. The dimension of magic and witches! Though Arusu is a little shocked at first about this new world she’s in, she is soon delighted with the magic all around, but a little confused about the witches’ opinion of magic. In Arusu’s mind, magic should only be used to make people happy, yet the witches often use magic for evil. Arusu begins living as a student witch with her new witch trainee friends and sets herself on a mission to make the magical world a better, more kind place whether the witches like it or not. And some really do not!

Arusu from Tweeny witches

9 thoughts on “Bippity Boppity Boo! Anime Witches that are Just Too Cute!

  1. I was hoping you would mention Kiki’s Delivery Service and Flying Witch since those are two of my favorite series ever! Come to thing of it, maybe I like magical girl – witches in particular, might be a subgenre I like more then I thought!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a very likable genre! If you are looking for more cute witch anime, besides the classic Kiki’s Delivery Service, the sweet Flying Witch, and the spunky Tweeny Witches, there’s also Little Witch Academia, Mary and the Witches Flower, and Magical DoReMi that I didn’t have time to write about. And they are pretty cute too!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve heard a fair amount about all the titles you’ve mentioned. Especially Magicial DoReMi since it has a really interesting history in the West! Thanks for reminding me of them so I can give them a fair chance in the future!

        Liked by 1 person

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