Megane! Megane! Megane! Maybe Anime Glasses Aren’t So Bad?

Here’s an interesting little personal factoid, my eyesight isn’t 20/20. I mean, my eyesight isn’t terrible, but it’s far from perfect. And what makes matters worse is that I have work and hobbies that can put a lot of strain on my eyes. I can easily end up spending 10 to 12 hours a day, every day, for weeks in front of a computer screen. Not surprisingly, when my eyes were giving me a lot of trouble recently, I took a little trip to the optsitipton the opstiliptian the eye doctor. And our conversation went something like this:

Me: “My eyes have been really tired and watery lately. And I’ve been getting these terrible headaches.”

Eye Doctor: “I see. So your glasses aren’t working for you anymore?”

Me: “My glasses? Oh, I don’t wear those.”

Eye Doctor: ” . . . . . . ” (looking frustrated)

Me: “Can’t you just zap my eyes with lasers to fix them?”

Eye Doctor: “. . . . ” (looking even more frustrated)

Me: “We could–”

Eye Doctor: “No! No eye lasers for you! Wear your flipping glasses!”

wordpress avatar with pink glasses
My avatar should actually look more like this!

Yeah, I’m supposed to be wearing my glasses all the time to basically do anything. When do I actually wear my glasses? . . . . Never. I mean, my glasses are pink which makes them a little more appealing, but I still don’t like wearing them. They pinch my nose and put divots on the tops of my ears. Oh, the pain of those tiny little divots! Yeah, okay, I’m just making excuses. I just don’t like wearing them! But being ordered to actually use my unfortunately prescribed spectacles did get me to thinking. Though I’m certainly not a fan of my glasses, I am a fan of anime. Maybe there are some great glasses wearing anime characters that can motivate me into wearing my head gear more? So if you are like me and are looking for a little help remembering to don your megane, here a few anime characters that truly wouldn’t be the same without them!

Edogawa from bungo stray dogs
Hmm I’m not sure if he should be considered a real magane character!

Ouran High School Host Club – Kyoya

kyoya smurking
Kyoya makes wearing glasses look good!

Ouran High School Host Club is an iconic rom/com from the early 2000’s about the frumpy and disheveled Haruhi stumbling into her high school’s notoriously flirty host club by accident when she was looking for a quiet place to study. Though she finds out pretty quickly that what she found was not an ideal reading nook, she doesn’t manage to escape before breaking a precariously place and extremely pricey vase. Kyoya, being ever business minded, and Tamaki, the king of the host club, immediately pounce on poor Haruhi and they demand that she works off the value of the vase at the club! Of course, when Tamaki makes this proclamation, he has no idea that Haruhi is actually a girl!

No list of megane characters could ever be complete without Kyoya! The cool and calculating second-in-command and co-founder of the host club, Kyoya Otori certainly wouldn’t be as intimidating without his hallmark glasses shine! Whether he’s balancing the books for the club or calculating the value of a person he just blackmailed into submission, Kyoya never loses a chance to adjust his spectacles with a regal air. Indeed, this glasses wearing bookworm brings corrective lens wearing up to an art form!

Occult Academy – Kozue Naruse

naruse hugging a skull
2 things she loves: the occult and her glasses!

Occult Academy is a surprisingly good sci-fi/paranormal anime about a girl named Maya that has returned to the school her father once lead, with the goal of rising to the position her father had and then destroying the school. The anime is also about a lack luster time traveling special agent named Fumiaki who was sent into the past (completely against his will) to stop the end of the world. They work together to solve the many occult mysteries at the school that are linked to strange items. These items are all in some way connected to the end of the world, and as each one is destroyed the likeliness of the end of the world is lessened. Of course, Maya and Fumiaki aren’t working alone. There are students at the school, people in the future, and even a specially equipped phone that helps the duo on their mission to save the world!

Kozue might be a glasses wearing occult-o-phile, but don’t let the four-eyes affiliation fool you, she’s actually not that bright and can be kind of ditzy at times. What she lacks in logical insight, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm! It’s a good thing that Kozue is such a huge fan of weirdness and the supernatural, because the other worldly isn’t about to leave her alone. Another thing she’s a huge fan of is her megane. Like any befuddled glasses wearing anime girl, her glasses get knocked off at the most inopportune times, but she never abandons them to flee to safety. In fact, in one episode she actually gets stuck in another dimension because she drops her glasses there and won’t leave without them.

Detective Conan – Conan

conan running through police tape
The power of the glasses disguise!

Detective Conan/Case Closed is a classic mystery-a-week anime about a famous high school detective that gets attacked by a secret organization while he’s investigating a murder. The agents from the secret organization force Shinichi to drink an experimental poison that’s supposed to kill him, but instead of dying, he shrinks! Still determined to right wrongs, fight the bad guys, and find the secret organization that’s responsible for his sudden change in height, Shinichi goes under cover as an elementary schooler to continue to solve mysteries.

Much like Superman using glasses to turn into Clark Kent, the great high school detective Shinichi uses glasses to hide his identity (and the fact that he’s been shrunk to the size of a child) from his secret crush Ran. All he has to do is come up with a new name (like maybe Conan Edogawa?) and Shinichi’s disguise is complete! It’s amazing what a little head gear can do to hide who you really are, even from people that have known you since you were a child.

Tokyo Mew Mew New – Luttuce

lettuce looking cute
Classic shy glasses girl!

Tokyo Mew Mew New is a reboot of the cheerful magic girl anime from the early 2000’s about a group of girls that are given the powers of endangered species to fight monstrous aliens that are trying to invade the planet. This series is one of the last ultra cute magic girl anime before the genre became much more dark and violent in the 2000’s and 2010’s. The anime is known for the hero’s secret base which is actually a cute maid cafe and the poofy skirted, cute animal themed hero costumes the main characters wear.

The cutest character on this list is definitely Luttuce from Tokyo Mew Mew New. Sweet and shy, all this bespectacled girl wants is to make some friends. Unfortunately, her eager-to-please personality makes her an easy target for bullies and others who want to take advantage of her good nature. Thankfully, she manages to find her magical gal pals, and this aquatic magic user learns how to stand up for herself and others!

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