Oddest Anime Outros!

Many anime series are known for their amazing opening song and animation sequence, but when it comes to the closing or “outro” of the anime as the credits are rolling, things can often be a little more creative. Sometimes a little too creative!

An opening of an anime is used to get people excited for the action and adventure to come. It gives the audience a little hint for the mood and the theme of the anime. A good opening should tell audiences exactly what genre they are watching and what to expect in general from the series. And when those expectations are not shown in the anime, it can cause confusion for the viewers and even disappointment! So a good intro is key to a good anime episode.

But what about the outro? The viewer has already been introduced to the anime series and has already seen the content of the anime, so what’s the point of an outro, other than a convenient place to dump the credits? Well, some say that the outro is needed to give audiences a breather after all the action of the anime, others say it’s to give the viewer a refresher of what happened in the episode. Both might be right, though there are some series that use the closing of their anime series episode to have fun, be weird, or do whatever takes there fancy! So here are some anime outros that are truly odd!

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

This live action closing does take some gothic elements from the series, though the creators are taking a lot of artistic liberties!

Coyote Ragtime Show

Claymation was a lot more common in the early 2000’s than it is now, but this is still a surprising closing for such an action packed anime!

Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knock Out!

This hyper cute closing is probably the most normal outro of the group! Unlike the other closings, this one does take animation directly from the anime itself, though the the super up beat chibi-fication of the anime and exercise video style music make this a creation all its own!

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