Anime Antiques! Finding forgotten treasures

While cleaning out a storage room, I found some interesting artifacts from a long ago time and distant place, left behind by my late parents. My parents always loved antiques. Not for any particular reason, they didn’t own a antique shop or anything. They just kind of thought old stuff looked cool. The artifacts I found are rather bizarre looking contraptions! Like a cross between a plague mask from the dark ages and 18oo’s opera glasses. Once I found all the pieces, I realized that this is how people over 100 years ago must have enjoyed 3D media. It works surprisingly well! I actually had a fun couple hours playing with them, and I can definitely see the appeal they would have had for kids in the days before TV and video games. And that got me to thinking, what anime characters have also found forgotten treasures of a by gone era, left behind by their ancestors?

It’s like the VR headset of the early 1900’s!
They look clunky, but they are actually kind of fun!
They’re in kind of rough shape, I guess kids really liked them back in the day!
I found a whole bunch of these 3D cards too!

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

The mystic archives of Dantalian is about a young pilot (Hugh Anthony Disward “Huey”) that just returned to England from the First World War. He’s notified that his grandfather recently died and that he has inherited his grandfather’s country estate and it’s huge rare book collection. When he goes to check out his inheritance, he finds a sharp tongued loli (Dalian)in the library making a mess of all the books. It turns out that this girl is the guardian of the library which includes magical books that will run a muck if they aren’t properly guarded. Soon after meeting the girl, Huey is enlisted to help her hunt down and capture other magical books that are causing trouble throughout Europe.

Umi Monogatari

In the anime Umi Monogatari, the mermaid sisters Marin and Urin find a ring and they realize that it probably belongs to someone on a nearby island. Being very honest ocean dwellers, they decide to leave the water for the first time and go to the island to try to return the ring. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Not only did the owner of the ring not want it back and even threw it away a second time, but when the sisters tried to find the ring again, one of them stumbled upon an ancient stone box. And little did the mermaid know, but inside the stone box wasn’t treasure but the evil spirit Sedna, who is bent on destruction of the whole island! Now Marin and the disgruntled owner of the ring (Kanon) have to work together as priestess’s to clean up the dark magic that the evil spirit has thrown around. For these two little mermaids, being a good Samaritan was not an easy task!

Fena: Pirate Princess

As a very young child Fena was on a sailing ship that was attacked. She managed to escape on a small row boat, but she loses some of her memories. She ends up growing up in a seaside town on a remote island where she is highly controlled as to where she can go and who she can talk to. Then one night things go a little haywire. She is almost rescued by two bumbling old gentlemen. Unfortunately, they kind of fail at saving her completely, but luckily they have back up in the form of a sword wielding ninja. Fena ends up on the island of the ninjas, where she and her new ninja friends are sent out on a mission to bring back Fena’s missing memories and find the greatest treasure of the world that was hidden by her late father!

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