Anime Anne-san! Awesome Big Sisters of Anime!

In the real world big sisters can swing both ways, they can be a gentle, nurturing support that their younger family members need, or they can be a tyrannical queen that is more than willing to crush their pathetic lesser siblings. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard (if my kind, benevolent, completely reasonable older sister is reading this) I totally don’t know this from experience . . . totally not! But in the anime world, big sisters can be pretty awesome! Anne-sans can be kind hearted sisters that love farming in the sunshine and that won’t leave their little siblings in the dark. They can be book obsessed magic users that take their little sisters on daring adventures. And sometimes anime Anne-sans give their little sisters and brothers a bit too much excitement and craziness, but they know a special lullaby to calm everyone down again. So if you’re a fan of your real life big sister or if you wished you had one, check out some anime Anne-sans that are truly awesome!

Sisterly cousins!

My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to Doom! – Catarina

catarina and keith eating treats

The main character of My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to Doom! anime was once an otaku and has many fond memories of playing her favorite otome game with her best friend. And then one day she dies and wakes up in that exact same game. Unfortunately, she’s the villain character Catarina! Now she has to avoid all the twists and turns of the game’s story or the last cut scene will be her death! Good thing she’s in the game world early enough to change her fate and maybe make a friend or two along the way. One of the friends Catarina makes along the way is her adopted little brother Keith. In the game’s original story the villainous Catarina was supposed to be cold and uncaring to the plight of her mistreated younger brother, but that’s not how this super otome fan is going to play the game. No matter the turns the story takes, she’s determined to drag her little brother out of the dark depression that he’s in and bring him into the bright sunlight. Even if that means hacking down his mental and physical barriers with an axe!

catarina, keith, and maria eating cookies
treats are the surest way to Catarina’s heart and Keith knows it!

Read or Die TV – Maggie and Michelle

three sisters from ROD TV
Three sisters leaving a paper trail of destruction!

In the anime Read or Die/ROD TV the author Nenene (that’s not a typo, that’s her actual name) is taking an international trip for a book signing tour. She’s gotten death threats over her most recent book, but she’s determined to not let that stop her from following her regularly scheduled appearances. Needless to say her publisher and agent are a little concerned, so they hire a team of three sisters to work as body guards: Maggie, Michelle, and Anita. The three sisters might not look like much, but each of them has a special ability involving paper magic. If there is even a little paper laying around, there isn’t anything the three sisters can’t create with their magic. Which is more than enough to handle whatever threats are thrown Nenene’s way.

There’s just one little thing about the older two sisters of the trio, that Nenene should have been warned about. Maggie and Michelle are not just bibliophiles, they are book obsessed! And they are thrilled to be working for an author, or rather they are thrilled to read every book Nenene might have! And of course add to her collection as well. This intense love of books is something that the youngest of the three (Anita) doesn’t share or even understand much. Lucky for her, just about the only thing Anita’s older sisters adore more than books their youngest sister! So though Anita might have to share her living space with thousands of books, Maggie and Michelle always make sure there is a loving home for her!

Maggie and Michelle might like their little sister more that books, but it’s a close race!

Welcome to Demon School Iruma kun – Clara

clara and siblings
she’s a great at being a big sis!

In the anime Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun, Iruma is sold to a demon by his dead beat parents and is dragged to the demon realm. Once there his new demon grandpa showers him with gifts, food, wealth, and just about anything else Iruma could want. Though Iruma’s life was pretty lonely in the human world, in the demon realm he’s made friends with just about everyone he’s met. And one of his closest friends is a chaotic, random, and cheerful demon girl named Clara. Though Clara is anything but mature or seems like leadership material, once she gets home and is surrounded by her playful younger siblings she becomes pure big sister! Weirdly enough, though she’s not the kind of character that usually plays the older sibling in anime, her personality seems to work perfectly for her rambunctious and random family. Whether it’s singing a chorus with her mom or preforming a tribal dance with her siblings she’s always there with cheerful support. And at the end of the day, it’s Clara’s gentle lullaby that calms her little siblings down and helps them get a good night’s sleep.

clara and family
her family really adores her

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          1. Really, really, good anime! Brilliant charcter development. I enjoyed it so much I did two reviews. On on the show itself and one just on the New Year’s episode.

            Ironically, the first time I tried watching it, it felt so down that it reminded me of bad things from when I was a kid and I didn’t get past the 2nd episode. But others said such glowing things about it I started it again and loved it.


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