Anime Extra! Being a By-stander in Anime?!

I recently was clicking my way through the Youtubes, and I happened upon an interesting video from one of my favorite manga style art tutorial creators. This content creator has a hobby of drawing herself into anime and manga images. Well, recently she learned a bit about animation and drew herself into actual anime scenes! Like she was running along side her favorite magic girl and was a by-stander in a Hinata argument from Haikyu! I was floored when I watched her video. It was so amazing! Not only is she good at matching her drawing style to the anime, but animating it too! I couldn’t even imagine being talented enough to animate myself into an anime scene. And that’s when I got to thinking. . . If I could be isekai-ed into an anime, so I could literally be a by-stander or movie set extra to an anime, what anime would they be?

OMG, she is so talented!

I love them, but that’s a hard No!

saitama with clenched fist
That looks way too dangerous!

First let’s talk about the anime that I definitely would not like to be a by-stander in: nearly all of my favorite shonen. Though I do love shonen and all those lovely action scenes, I definitely wouldn’t want to experience them in real life!

vash with bullet hole filled wall
I’d get shot!

Trigun, I would totally get shot! Not to mention that there is an awful lot of ways to die on Planet Gunsmoke. I could get lost in the desert and die from exposure, I could get kidnapped or killed by one of the many criminals on the planet, or I could get turned to dust in one of the many explosions in the anime series. So definitely not Trigun!

bakugo and deku in a fire
This does not look like a safe place to visit!

My Hero Academia, I don’t stand a chance against those super powers! Though there is quite a variety of super powered heroes in this anime, there is also a lot of super powered criminals! There is also lots of explosions. I don’t think I would last long in that anime either.

iruma with friends
They might be smiling, but they would totally eat me!

Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun, I would definitely get eaten! Iruma is in hell and surrounded by demons. Demons eat humans. Even poor sweet Iruma has to use special perfume he gets from his loving grandpa to hide his human smell and keep himself save. As a by-stander, I would not have access to that anti-getting-eaten perfume and would probably get eaten pretty quick! I don’t run fast and I resemble a marshmallow, I wouldn’t last long there!

Anime that would be Awesome to Visit!

cousins going for a walk in the park
This is more my speed!

Flying Witch, it would be like a vacation in the countryside! One of the things I love about the anime Flying Witch is the relaxing setting in the country. At first I thought of putting Natsume Yujincho on this list, but then I thought about all the ghosts and angry yokai in the series, and I thought better of it. But the Flying Witch series has all the gentle beauty of the rural setting like Natsume Yujincho without the threat of being possessed by a malicious spirit of being kidnapped by a yokai.

tomoyo with camera

Card Captor Sakura, I could totally be Tomoyo’s filming assistant! In the anime Card Captor Sakura, the main character’s best friend Tomoyo loves filming Sakura while she’s doing her magic girl thing. I know a thing or two about cameras (I took some photography classes in college) or I could at least carry Tomoyo’s camera bag and help manage her collection of costumes for Sakura to change into. Best work-cation ever!

cast of Have you seen my tama?

Have You seen My Tama? Why settle for visiting a cat cafe, when you could go to a whole neighborhood full of pets to cuddle? That’s kind of what the anime Have You Seen My Tama? is all about. I could totally see myself just sitting on a park bench in Tama’s neighborhood and watching all the kitties and doggies frolicking around and getting into trouble. And maybe on the many occasions when Tama gets lost, I could help him get back home.

10 thoughts on “Anime Extra! Being a By-stander in Anime?!

  1. Wow, that YouTube video is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I also decided long ago that I would 100% die in pretty much any anime. Like I would find a way to trip on the stairs and breal my neck in a school based slice of life. I really belong on the viewer side…

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    1. IKR! Watching that video, I was so amazed. She’s so talented. Lol. Yeah, the anime world could be a hazardous place! Though I’m not sure if anime stairs are more dangerous then real life stairs.

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  2. I guess it really depends on the anime. For example I would love to become a magical girl in an anime like Sailor Moon. (ok maybe ” magical woman” because I’m older, lol) But at the same time there’s no way I’ll be making a contract with Kyuubey from Madoka Magica! Nope. Never.

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  3. The eyes in your self anime are quite expressive but can be submissive at times. . With such talent you possess , why settle for a setting that’s anything less than what you fully want?


  4. If anything, Evangelion, despite being my favourite anime, is the last series I would even THINK about going to as a bystander. 😫

    I agree with you on Cardcaptor Sakura though, seems like a safe place to be despite all the cards. Ditto for Nichijou, Hanasaku Iroha, and the like…

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