Star Spangled Surprise: The Anime blogger Like Starburst!

Happy US birthday! It’s 4th of July aka the US Independence Day, and what better way to celebrate the home of the stars and stripes than to talk about the most star-tastic part of being a ani-blogger on WordPress. It’s getting to shower other WordPress bloggers with Like stars of course. It’s like a meteor shower of kindness!

All might with stars and stripes
All Might is a fan of the stars and stripes too!

It should be no surprise with a blog name like Anime Hanabi, that I love the starburst glory of fireworks! Because what are fireworks other than an explosion of stars, of course my usual greeting to bloggers that are new to me is by going to their posts list and giving a Like star for every post title that sounds good. Of course, reading the posts is good too, but the whole point is to focus on quantity over quality! So on this day of stars and stripes why not try this fun way of telling your favorite blogger or maybe some rising new stars of anime blogging that they are valued in the anime community! And it also gives a nice little boost to their website stats.

Not sure how to get to the blogger’s posts list? It’s super easy! While in the “Reader” mode of WordPress, just click on the blogger’s name link and it should take you directly to a page that just has a list of the blogger’s posts with thumbnail feature image and a little blurb from the post, and there are also stars, stars a plenty to click!

anime thumbs up
Tell your favorite ani-bloggers that they are awesome!

So go out and give your favorite anime bloggers or new bloggers an explosion of Like stars to add a fun and friendly pop to their day! And have a happy and safe 4th!

All Might pointing
All Might wants YOU to Like someone today!

7 thoughts on “Star Spangled Surprise: The Anime blogger Like Starburst!

  1. Wow – thanks for all the likes today! Dunno if 4th July feel good vibes overcame you – but defs feeling the love! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ€—

    Liked by 1 person

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