Happy Birthday Anime Hanabi!

On June 19th, one year ago, is the day I posted my first anime blog post on this site! I remember being so excited to start my anime blog, I couldn’t think of a single thing to write! I just jotted down some vague ideas about what the blog would cover and a short list of anime I was currently watching. Lol, I’m glad I’ve learned to be a bit calmer and more wordy over the year! Learning to write better posts wasn’t the only thing that this year of blogging gave me. I’ve had a whole year of happy experiences meeting the wonderful world of anime bloggers! Yay!

hetalia making a happy birthday banner
It’s time to party!

Considering that it’s been a whole year, guess what that means? That’s right, it’s Anime Hanabi’s birthday this weekend! To celebrate this special day, of course, I have to have a birthday party. And what better way to throw a party for an anime obsessed blog than to ask for assistance from some very talented anime characters themselves! Let’s see, I think this party will need a fun and magical location, a cake made with love, expertly selected gifts, and considering that this is a party for a blog named Anime Hanabi the celebration wouldn’t be complete without some fireworks!

Amagi Brilliant Park – Location!

staff of amagi brilliant park
Amagi Brilliant Park, a location that’s truly magical!

When it comes to a magical location for a grand celebration, there is no place better than Amagi Brilliant Park. Though this older theme park was a bit run down and lack luster in the beginning of the series, with the hard work of the magical creature staff and the at times manipulative management of Seiya Kanie (human/former child star) it has been revitalized into a truly spectacular destination! And on top of that, it’s a theme park owned by a literal magical princess, not even Disney Land could beat that!

The owner is a magical princess!

Bonjour Sweet Love Patissier – Cake!

cast of bonjour sweet love patissier
The perfect birthday cake!

No one could ask for a sweeter cake than one baked by the students and the handsome teachers of Fleurir Patissier School! With Sayuri’s kind heart, Ryo’s experience from his family of bakers, Mitsuki’s talent with chocolate as the “Prince of Chocolate, along with the other teachers, it will be a cake as tasty as it is beautiful. Well, as long as Sayuri doesn’t get distracted by the amorous faculty or side tracked by her many rivals at her culinary school!

He really is the Prince of Chocolate! Yum!

My Next Life as a Villainess- Gifts!

cast of my next life as a villainess eating desserts
Looks like Catarina has already started sampling the party treats!

Why leave the gift buying to one anime character when you could have a whole team (harem) to shop for it? And with royal classiness, thoughtfulness, and plenty of gold to throw around, who better than Catarina and her friends from My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to Doom!, to find the perfect gift! The only problem seems to be that all of Catarina’s “friends” are a lot more focused on buying gifts for Catarina!

catarina being served by her friends
The party isn’t about Catarina, guys!

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun – Fireworks!

cast of monthly girls nozaki kun partying
Everyone at MGN seems to be ready for a party!

Nearly every shojo anime has an episode where the main character and her crush go to some kind of Summer festival and the climax is a scene when they watch fireworks together. And really the sweetest version of this scene has to be in the anime Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun, though the anime Aharen-san Wa Hakarenai comes in at a close second. So who better than Nozaki-kun and Chiyo-chan to come up with the best fireworks show? Hopefully Chiyo won’t be too distracted by her oblivious crush Nozaki-kun! Hopefully Nozaki-kun won’t come up with too many zany ideas for the fireworks show to use as fodder for his manga. Hopefully there isn’t too many tanukis!

I think it will turn out alright!

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