Spend a day at an Anime Cafe: Part two of four

The weather, just weeks before Summer, is mild with a gentle breeze. Jazz music is playing and hushed conversations are in the air. Nestled in a plush velvet cushioned booth, a delicate table of golden wood sits between you and a good friend. This is a anime cafe. Are you feeling relaxed yet? Maybe what you need to complete your anime cafe experience is another tasty sweet treat pulled right out of the story of an anime. This next recipe can be found in a wide variety of shojo anime, but I feel it wouldn’t be complete without it being from the most maid cafe anime of all anime. So please join me for another recipe from this four part series to taste some sweet cafe treats from anime! Yokoso!

Parfait – Kaichou wa Maid Sama!

As a quick reminder the anime Kaichou wa Maid Sama! is about Misaki Ayuzawa, a hard working and honest school president at her high school. Though her school is filled with mostly rowdy boys, Misaki has made it her mission to protect the females students and keep everyone as orderly as possible. This has not endeared her to the male students of the school.

a no nonsense maid sama!

Little do they know, the stern faced, strict Misaki actually has a big secret. She works part-time at a maid cafe! Though Misaki does everything she can to avoid it, her secret gets out, to the most popular boy in school, Takumi Usui. Though Misaki would love for Takumi to just forget about it, after learning Misaki’s secret, Takumi starts visiting her cafe every day! Maybe it’s the parfait?

Maybe it’s the parfait?


Super quick and easy dessert

Parfait is a very quick and easy layered dessert that can be whipped up in minutes! Best of all, this is a highly customizable treat, so make it to your tastes!

add what you like!

Cut fruit – Any fruit that you like cut into bite sized pieces.

  • Try Orange sections
  • Melon slices, cubes, or balls
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Cherries
  • Peach slices

Whip cream

Vanilla pudding

Toppings such as

  • Wafer cookies
  • Poki sticks
  • favorite crunchy cookies
  • Sprinkles

Syrups such as

  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry (for those that aren’t allergic)
  • Carmel
  • White chocolate
red bean paste is a common ingredient in Japanese parfait

You’ll notice I didn’t put any amounts in this recipe, that’s because how much you use of each ingredient is completely up to you. If you don’t like an ingredient, leave it out!

Start with a pretty, clear glass or ice cream sundae cup. It’s important that it’s clear so you can see all the layers.

Next put a dollop of pudding in the bottom, you can use any flavor of pudding, but vanilla tends to look nice.

Next is a little bit of fruit. Put enough fruit in to cover the pudding, but don’t fill the cup.

Next is the whip cream. Again, put enough in to cover the fruit, but don’t fill up the whole cup.

Drizzle a little syrup on top of the whip cream, enough that it oozes to the sides so you can see hints of it as a layer.

Continue adding layers of pudding, fruit, whip cream, and syrup until the cup is full.

Now that the cup is full, poke into the top of the parfait (usually a bit to the side) 2 wafer cookies, poki sticks or other crunch cookies (something that won’t get soggy too quickly). Top the parfait with a final dollop of whip cream, a light drizzle of syrup, and a dash of sprinkles. Enjoy with your favorite episode of Kaichou Maid Sama!


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