Anime Post Canceled due to Illness

Unfortunately Thursday’s Anime Hanabi blog post has been canceled due to me contracting Went-frolicking-in-the-flowers-and-was-poisoned-by-pollen-itis. I’ve got coughs, I’ve got a headache, and my eyes are suuuuper itchy. Considering how allergic I am to pollen, maybe I shouldn’t have spent hours rolling around in little blue pollen bombs.

Who could resist frolicking in this stuff?!

I feel horrible, but on the plus side, I did get lots of really nice pictures!

It would be a crime to ignore all these glorious flowers!

The post I was planning to write was about royal intrigue in anime, but with this headache I seriously can’t focus enough to write a coherent post about something like that.

Blue as far as the eye can see!

I regret nothing!

10 thoughts on “Anime Post Canceled due to Illness

  1. I mean, honestly I wouldn’t be able to resist frolicking in flowers either. I’m planning on doing that this weekend actually if the weather holds!

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