Hoppy Easter!

May your bunny dreams and anime wishes come true this Spring Season!

bunny with cherry
bunny with cake
bunny with leaf

Looking for some anime that are bunny-tastic? Check out:

Bunny Drop

This anime is about a little girl that is actually the daughter of a very elderly old man (he was like in his eighties!) when he passes away, the little girl is adopted by the old man’s adult grandson. Yes, that means that the grandson is raising his aunt. As odd as the family dynamic is, this is an adorable anime about growing up, adulting, and learning how to build a great family from the most unexpected places.

Fruits Basket

There is a whole menagerie of shape shifting animals in the anime Fruits Basket. It is an anime about a family that’s cursed to turn into all the Zodiac animals if someone from the opposite gender hugs them after all. But perhaps the cutest of the club of Souma boys is the bunny Momiji. Though his family story is a bit sad, he never lets his situation get him down. This bunny is always full of energy and is quick to smile!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

No one loves skimpy bunny costumes quite like Haruhi Suzumiya! Whether she is trying to con another student into wearing the swimsuit-esque outfit or donning it herself to rock out at her school festival, nearly every problem seems to be answered by wearing a bunny suit for Haruhi!

FYI, Sailor Moon’s name Usagi Tsukino translates to Bunny Moon!

3 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter! Very interesting article and excellent recommendations! I have seen Fruits Basket and it is spectacular! I had heard of that! In my country in the dubbing Mamoru sometimes addressed to Usagi as Bunny. Sorry if I had some grammar mistakes.

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out! Every once in a while WordPress goes a little crazy and starts throwing random things in the spam folder. One time it even put MY comments in the spam folder!

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