What I’m currently reading: Manga Edition!

Some might remember my lists of What I’m Currently Watching that used to be at the bottom of each of my posts. In case you haven’t read any of my older posts, the list was usually pretty long, like 25 of more anime series. Those lists have since moved to their forever home on their own page, but did you know that I also have a list equally as long of manga and manhwa I’m currently reading? Seriously, any down time, slow time, or wait time is usually time spent reading manga. And there are three web comic services that I prefer over all the others that I’ve tried.

ninja reading manga
Manga Ninja!

Web Toons

school girls reading manga
manga is part of a well rounded education

I really like WebToons for their web comics (North American style comic book art rather than manga style art). This service also has manga and manhwa, but it’s the comics from lesser known web comic book artists that really is their strongest feature.

What I’m reading on Web Toons:

  • Dark Lords and Cabbages
  • DEMOholic
  • Cierra
  • The Male Leads Girlfriend
  • Morgana and Oz
  • The Lone Necromancer
  • The Remarried Empress
  • Like Wind on a Dry Branch
  • Act like you Love Me
  • My Deepest Secret
  • Purple Hyacinth
  • Noblesse: Rai’s Adventure
  • God of Bath
rich girl reading manga
It’s a low impact sport

Tappy Toons

fine lady and little girl reading manga
You would be shocked at how good some manga are

I’m kind of new to Tappy Toons, but what I like about this web comic service so far is the variety of shojo style manga. Honestly, on most web comic websites and services shojo and romance manga and manhwa are usually a sub-category of a sub-category. I’m usually lucky if I can find even a handful of good series, but Tappy Toons (even though the name is kind of dumb and annoying) has a huge variety. It could take me months to read it all!

What I’m reading on Tappy Toons:

  • The Evil Princess Dreams of a Gingerbread House
  • Empress? Empress!
  • I became the Villain’s Mother
  • I Stan the Prince
  • The Cat’s Bride
  • How to Survive a Romance Fantasy
  • Magic Soup
boy reading manga
Manga gives you the warm fuzzies!


vampire reading manga
even the un-dead can appreciate a good manga

I like Tapas for it’s nice balance of action and more relationship centric manga and manhwa. Honestly Tapas looks a lot like Tappy Toons, it has similar series, and works basically the same way, you have to pay or earn to read. So, if you’re not that into romance or shojo manga, than you could go with either one, you probably don’t need both of them.

What I’m reading on Tapas:

  • The Villainess flips the Script!
  • Fall for Me!
  • Not Sew Wicked Step Mother
  • My Three Tyrant Brothers
  • Villains are Destined to Die
  • Just Leave Me Be
  • The Falcon Princess
  • Beware the Villainess
  • I am the Real One
  • Harley Takes the House
  • What it Means to be You

Do you have a favorite online manga service? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “What I’m currently reading: Manga Edition!

  1. All the online manga service that I use are illegally made, er I mean free on the internet in which anyone can visit it without a care in the world :3

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