Anime and the Olympics: Winter Edition! Part 3

Though not a whole lot of time has gone by since the Summer Olympics this passed July, the Olympics have indeed returned and this time it’s for the Winter edition! All the sports, competition, and international drama you know and love from the regular Olympics, now available with snow! And much like the Summer Olympics, the Winter version also has the whole hearted support of the Anime Olympic Committee .

anime character snowboarding

The AOC (Anime Olympic Committee) is here to support any and all anime characters that wish to participate in the Olympic events. Not all anime characters participating this year are from “Sports” anime, yet all the characters exhibit the sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and love of the Winter season that the AOC believes is integral to the true spirit of the Olympics! So let us once again cheer for our anime athletes, and the Otaku nation they represent!

anime character snowboarding

Aoharu X Machinegun

hotaru tachibana looking happy and friendly
Just an energetic rookie, ready for competition!

And for our final event in the Anime Olympic Committee’s coverage of the Olympic games, it’s the exciting biathlon! Our anime athlete for this event is Hotaru Tachibana from the anime Aoharu X Machinegun. Though the rookie is still just a high schooler, Tachibana says they are ready for the Olympic competition. Tachibana has a background in competitive airgun and beating up school delinquents, but claims that the skiing element will not be a problem. After registration, there seem to be some sort of confusion on the rookies team. Tachibana’s coach Masamune Matsuoka registered Tachibana in the men’s competition, but Tachibana accidentally joined the group for the women’s competition. Thankfully the young biathloner’s coach escorted them over to the men’s practice area.

hotaru tachibana smiling with a rifle

And the men’s biathlon athletes are off! Tachibana is doing well staying in the front of the pack. Here comes the first targets. It takes a focused mind and nerves of steel to ski a race and shoot targets cleanly. Let’s see how our rookie does. Yes! And we see some amazing shooting from our anime athlete. No time to cheer, the pack is off! The young airgun enthusiast is in the lead. It’s really outstanding, the rookie is sailing through the course! It’s like a person possessed! My oh my, look at the spirit and drive of that athlete! That rookie . . . . Do they have red eyes?

hotaru tachibana leaping with a pistol
Hotaru Tachibana, just an athlete having a good time

What?! There seems to be some kind of confusion on the course. What in the world? It looks like Tachibana has gone into a frenzy! The young athlete seems to be leaping through the air and attacking the other competitors in the biathlon competition. Has Tachibana forgotten what kind of competition this is?! Just because the athletes are competing against each other doesn’t mean they actually fight! Coach Matsuoka is out on the course and headed for very confusing conflict. Tachibana’s coach and the officials are on the scene now, it looks like they’re calming the situation down. It seems the competition will resume. Thankfully no one was injured. Unfortunately, the promising rookie Tachibana was disqualified for un-necessary aggression.

hotaru tachibaba looking grim, text says if you're going to fight me, do it like you mean it!

Honorable Mention!

And for honorable mention, Pride of Orange! I haven’t watched it yet, but if you were looking for something else to get you in the Olympic spirit and you like hockey, than Pride of Orange might be for you!

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4 thoughts on “Anime and the Olympics: Winter Edition! Part 3

  1. Until you pointed it out, I didn’t even notice the similarity in the anime styles I tend to like! I guess I do tend to gravitate towards art styles that have more innocent or even childlike facial features. I think it’s because I tend to like the stories in shojo (girl’s) anime rather than shonen (boy’s) anime. Boy’s anime usually has a lot more violence and is less focused on relationships and the art style is much more angular with sharp points in the hair and very blocky facial features. A good example of shojo style anime is Kageki Shojo. A good example of shonen style anime is Hunter X Hunter.

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