Anime to treat your Funny Bone!

They say that the best medicine is laughter, and in some ways that’s true. People who laugh more tend to live a little longer. People who enjoy a good laugh also are less likely to catch colds or flues. Laughter can even lessen some symptoms of depression! I say the best way to find that daily dose of laughter is in some great anime.

anime character pointing and laughing
anime has some belly busters!

Though many new anime fans often say that they just don’t like comedy in anime, or they just don’t get the jokes, there is a wide variety of comedy styles in anime and there is bound to be one out there that can tickle your funny bone! Whether you love a good chuckle in between action packed scenes in a super hero anime, or you enjoy a belly laugh as a villain bumbles to success, or maybe you just can’t help but giggle at the MC with the worst luck ever, there are plenty of anime comedies to choose from.

gintama character pointing and laughing
There’s some real jowl jigglers in the anime world!

One Punch Man

saitama punching a giant monster
What’s a hero to do when every fight ends in just one punch?

Saitama from the anime One Punch Man has become disenchanted with being a super hero. The life of a crime fighter has just gotten too easy for him. Pretty much every foe is blown to smithereens with just one punch from this lackluster hero. He spends his days lounging around his small apartment in his abandoned apartment complex in the most monster ridden part of town. Even tackling a seaweed monster that is plotting to take over the world is no more eventful for Saitama than going to the grocery store. He fantasizes about the day some epic monster (perhaps some super powered mole people?) will come and give him a real challenge Unfortunately it’s only a dream!

saitama looking stunned and saying ok

The Great Jahy will Not Be Defeated!

the great jahy looking shocked
Things look bleak, but she will never admit defeat!

The Great Jahy has not had the best of luck. Life was going well as the second in command of the demon realm, but when the magic girl hero shows up and blasts the demon realm apart, everything goes down hill from there! Now the Great Jahy is homeless, pennyless, and powerless! The huge crystal that gave all the demons their power (including the Great Jahy) and sustained the demon realm has been shattered and it’s the Great Jahy’s duty to restore it. But even though the Great Jahy doesn’t have enough power to maintain her adult form for long and is reduced to her chibi form, that won’t keep this surly, deadbeat, grade schooler down. Whether her underlings are trying to out do her, or steal her job, or the silly humans are getting in her way, the Great Jahy will never admit defeat!

Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department

miss kuroitsu looking sweet
Sweet and hard working on the outside, monster mad scientist on the inside

Miss Kuroitsu is a hard working researcher for a large company. She is dedicated to her work, she helps out her team as much as she can, and always wants what’s best for the project. She even does excellent follow up after a project has been completed. And what is the company that this stellar employee works for? It just happens to be an evil organization who’s goal is to defeat the local power-ranger-esque super hero that’s all! Whether she’s helping to deploy a cannon bird, a hydra lady, or a wolf girl/guy, Miss Kuroistu is always putting her all into her work in the monster development department. And with a little pep talk from the nice guy at the local eatery, Miss Kuroitsu is bound to beat that nasty hero that keeps ruining all of her projects!

miss kuroitsu and co-working looking angry and tired
Don’t mess with a over worked monster maker!

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

cast of masamune kun's revenge glaring
Eat right, exercise, and revenge!

Though Masamune Makabe grew up in a pretty luxurious life, not everything was perfect for him. He was a pudgy kid, and his personality wasn’t that great either. But there was one person that liked him for who he was, Aki Adagaki. His first love, the most beautiful girl his little grade schooler heart could ever pitter-pat for. But one evening when Masamune was confessing his feelings to her, instead of acceptance and kindness, she rejected him and call him a pig. After that evening Masamune has spent every moment of his life, perfecting his body (he kind of skipped improving his personality) all for the goal of making Aki fall in love with him (and his gorgeous bod) so that he could then utterly reject her and wreak his revenge!

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

tanaka-kun looking sleepy
It’s hard work to be this lazy!

Many anime characters go above and beyond to pursue their goal of being as lazy as possible, but few have reached the mastery of laziness quite like Tanaka-kun. In Tanaka-kun’s point of view, why go to high school classes when he could just take a nap under a tree? Why eat a burger when he could just sip a nice smooth milkshake, no chewing required? Why walk anywhere when he could just have his best friend and caretaker Oota carry him? Tanaka-kun’s ideal life is one of minimal effort, and his life is pretty good.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

the disastrous life of saiki k cast
He can sense trouble a mile away, too bad he can’t avoid it!

Kusuo Saiki is the most powerful psychic on the planet. In fact, he has to wear antenna on his head just so he can control all his powers. If he wanted he could rule the world, or destroy it with a single thought. But all Saiki wants is a nice quiet life where he can enjoy his coffee pudding and be left alone. Too bad he doesn’t have much luck with that! Whether he is dealing with unwanted ghosts showing up in his life, a wannabe psychic that keeps popping up, or even having to read his own parents minds to clear up a misunderstanding, Saiki’s life is anything but quiet.


Do you have any favorite anime that makes you laugh out loud? Leave a comment below!

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