A Day in the life of an Otaku!

Just moments after clicking on the publish button for my latest post (Anime for your Coffee Break) I found that I had just published my 50th blog post. Up until that point, I had always thought of my blog as very young. Just a little baby blog compared to the years old community around me. And yet even in my short time as part of the greater anime blogging community I’ve had one question asked so many times over the months. This same question has been asked so many times that my answer which began kind of long has slowly grown shorter and shorter until it devolved into a two sentence response. The same question that inspired me to move my “I’m Currently Watching” list that used to live at the bottom of every post, to it’s new location on it’s very own page, just so people would stop asking this question so much. What was that question? Well, it usually went something like this: “Dang you watch a lot of anime! How can you manage to watch all that?!”

Well, here’s the answer. For the first time, the full version of the answer.

I wake up

Uhg, it’s too early

(Last Monday) I wake up kind of early, about 5:30am because my roommate is an Amazon worker drone and I’m a light sleeper. So as he’s bumbling around trying to get ready for work, it wakes me up and I amble out to the den. I watch the morning news while eating breakfast, for about 30 seconds, but the morning news is depressing so I turn on some anime. I watch a couple (four) episodes, usually of different series. This morning I’m watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episode 11, Sasaki and Miyano episode 1, Visual Prison episode 12, and Tokyo 24th Ward episode 2. It’s Monday, so between episodes I check on my blog post drop on my phone.

It’s Time for Work!

It takes 15 minutes to boot up my work computer

I work from home, so my commute is walking into my office space. I log onto my work laptop and my personal desk top that’s on the same desk. While I’m waiting for my crappy work computer to boot up (it takes like 15 minutes!) I check on my Favorites Feed on WordPress to see what everyone is up to. I keep waiting for my work computer, I read some blogs, I throw around some Like Stars.

Throw around some like stars!

Finally! My work computer is up and running! I check my work email and sign into work. While I’m waiting for my co-workers to show up online, I read some manga on my phone. My work starts! It’s a day filled with hurry-up and wait. It’s long, slow, with lots of technical difficulty waiting times. (If my supervisor is reading this, I definitely do not spend my down time reading manga on my phone or reading anime blogs on my personal computer that’s right next to my work computer. . . Definitely not). First break comes around and I read some more manga while I refresh my cup of tea. Back to work!

If my supervisor is seeing this, I’m a very diligent worker!

Work, work, work.

Lunch break, I watch an anime episode, today I’m watching Case Closed episode 83. I always pack a lunch the night before to make sure that I can fit a whole episode into my lunch break. Back to work!

Finally Work is over!

I feel dead inside

I have about two hours before my roommate (who’s not really an anime fan) gets back from work, so I watch another few episodes on the big den TV before he gets home. On blogging days (twice a week) I spend this time writing my blog post. Once my roommate shows up, I start making dinner. In general I always cook dinner. My roommate kind of sucks at cooking and basically can only cook frozen pizza and scrambled eggs. I refuse to live off of pizza and eggs and I require that my dinner be edible, so that means that I need to do most of the cooking. Yes it cuts into my anime viewing time, but it’s worth it. During dinner we usually watch Tech YouTube videos, because we’re both Techy’s so it’s something we can agree on.

Yay, food that’s edible!

Bed Time!

My room is actually more pink than this!

He has to get up early, so my roommate heads to bed. I would watch anime on the den TV, but the den is right next to my roommate’s room so too noisy, and I could also watch anime on my desk top computer in the office but my roommate complains that my desk top keyboard is too “Clacky” so I can’t use that either. So I retreat to my bedroom and watch anime on my other computer. I watch about three or four episodes before heading to bed too.

In Conclusion!

So in total during my average day I watch about 6 hours or 12 episodes of anime. Mixed in with that is about 25 to 30 chapters of manga and some anime blog posts. If you’re wondering when do I go outside or get any human contact, the answer is NEVER! Ha,ha,ha, I’m kidding! About once a week someone (family member or friend) grabs me by the shirt collar and drags me outside for a hike or something, whether I like it or not.

Dragged on a hike whether I like it or not!

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How is anime a part of your life! Leave a comment below!

10 thoughts on “A Day in the life of an Otaku!

    1. Thank you! The 50th post came out of no where, I didn’t even notice I was close. As for the hiking, I know I should go on them more, it’s just the Winter hiking. Uhg! It’s cold and there’s mud everywhere. Uhg!

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  1. I normally work from home a lot, but with COVID and lockdowns and stuff I have worked from home permanently for a couple of years now (like a lot of other people) – so I ordered myself a t-shirt from the good people at Red Molotov in the UK that says “Work from home? I don’t even work from work”. I reckon you should get that t-shirt too! 😛

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  2. Great post! So that’s how you do it. I’m impressed with your dedication. You really make the most of your free time. I’ve only started getting into anime series recently. Like most people I want more free time to watch and read all the things I’m into. I write blog posts once a week. A lot of my remaining spare time goes on my YouTube channel. I’ve been working on building an audience since last summer when I relaunched it. It’s a lot of fun and has become my main hobby now. The only problem is I have a lot less time to read books, comics & manga, as well as watch anime, movies, etc. Working a full time job doesn’t help, either. Whatever happened to the fabled “work life balance?” lol

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    1. Yay, I’m glad you like the post! Some people call my anime watching dedication, some people call it getting bored easily, my supervisor calls it “Lacking Focus”. I’m still trying to find work/life balance, but I think I’m inching towards it!

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