Walking in an Anime Winter Wonderland!

The snow has started to fall and it is well and truly Winter. The air is crisp and little puffs of steam come out every time you try to talk, the lawn is crunchy, and the puddles are solid. Though I’m not a huge fan of the cold, even I have to admit that it’s kind of beautiful outside. All the trees and houses are trimmed with white fluff and every surface seems to sparkle in the waning sunlight as if it was covered in glitter. Going on a long walk in this Winter wonderland might not be my ideal way to spend my time, but at least I can snuggle down on my couch and watch some perfect Winter anime while enjoying the snow fluff it’s way to the ground through a window.


kobato frolicking in the snow
Not even snow can cool off her cheerfulness!

Kobato is an adorable anime about the clumsy and sincere Kobato working at a daycare center, while secretly solving peoples problems, healing their hearts, and collecting tiny candies so she can have her wish granted. To help her with this task is her stuffed animal/drill Sargent Ioryogi. He’s as fierce as he is cute and has the form of a blue puppy plushy. Even with Kobato’s unsinkable cheerfulness, not everything is sunshine and roses for her. The story starts out with her and her puppy boss being homeless and living in a park! Slowly with her can-do attitude and a beautiful song, she gets a job, is offered an apartment, and makes a lot of friends along the way. Though the mystery of who Kobato is and where she came from is kept secret to the very last episode (so you have to watch the whole series to find out!) there is quite a few hints along the way if you are familiar with Clamp anime. Of course, one of the best episodes of the series happens during the Winter arc of the anime. Episode 18, Warmth of the Wintry Wind and episode 19 is also a real charmer that will give you the warm fuzzy feels no matter how cold it is outside!

kobato spinning in the snow
Cutest snow moment!

Yuri On Ice

yuri on ice cast
Yuri On Ice, truly smile inducing!

Nothing says Winter like a little ice skating, and nothing says ice skating like Yuri On Ice! This smile inducing BL anime is about a low level competitive ice skater named Yuri. He doesn’t do well in his most recent competition, in fact he does terribly, and he doesn’t take his rankings well. Thinking of dropping out of the ice skating world, he kind of lets himself go. He stops exercising and starts stress eating. Not a great combination! Just as Yuri’s about to start looking for a new job, Victor shows up on his doorstep.

victor winking
Victor, he’s both Russian and flirty!

Victor is beautiful, he’s flirty, he’s Russian, he’s a world renowned champion ice skater, he’s Yuri’s hero, and now he wants to be Yuri’s couch! This romance is just so adorable and blush worthy, it will keep your cheeks warm even if you’re on ice!

yuri on ice cast

Tokyo Godfathers

tokyo godfathers cast
In Tokyo Godfathers, snow plays the biggest co-star role!

Though Tokyo Godfathers is a zany adventure about three homeless people returning a baby to her parents during the Christmas holiday season, it’s also a movie that is very much tied into the Winter season. In fact, of any obstacle or villain or other catalyst for change, Winter weather probably played the biggest role. It was snow that stopped the train the three were on, and caused Miyuki to spot her dad and then bolt from the train. Again it was driving snow that forced the three main characters to look for shelter in a cemetery and find food for the baby. It was icy roads that made the three rescue the mobster from his own sliding car and resulted in them getting an invite to a rather shocking wedding. And of anything, Winter weather really worked parallel to the story line of the movie. Because what’s more silly than the slipperiness of ice? What’s more fatal than the bitter cold? And what’s more pure than the freshly fallen snow?

baby sitting on a trashy trone

Do you have any anime you love to watch when the weather turns frightful? Leave a comment below!

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