Anime to re-live 2021!

A year can fly by so quickly it can feel like it’s ending before you’ve really had a chance to start it! By the time you finally find the perfect swim suit for Summer it’s already November. With the New Year looming large and December blitzing passed faster than Santa’s sleigh, I thought it would be nice to have a second chance at the roller coaster year of 2021. No, we aren’t going to call up any Doctor and there will be no rides on the Tardis, Marty Mcfly will have to find someone else to be his sidekick, but we certainly will be revisiting some of the most memorable moments of the passed year. Of course, what better way to relive the year than through anime! So, if you’ve missed this year and really wished there was a way to turn back time, here’s your last chance before the clock strikes midnight!


Plenty to keep your cheeks rosy and warm!

In case you missed January 2021, it was very cold. In fact there was a Bernie Sanders meme about bundling up! And what better to watch when the weather outside is frightful than the anime Engaged to the Unidentified. This heart warming Rom-Com takes place mostly in the winter and is about Kobeni meeting her new fiance and her new in-laws after she turns 16. Fiance and in-laws that she had no idea actually existed! Though the weather was quite chilly in this anime, there is plenty of adorable moments to keep your cheeks rosy and warm.

Nearly as grumpy as the meme


Irina ready for lift off!

Missed out on February of 2021? Well, Mars rover Perseverance landed on the red planet! And what better way to get into the space exploration spirit than with the anime Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut? Get ready for lift off, this is quite a space loving adventure!

Feeling the space explorer spirit


Egyptian gods and a pizza, hmm?

Slept through March of 2021? Here’s what you missed! Archeologists find a giant ancient brewery in Egypt, and what better way to celebrate the wonders of ancient Egypt than with the anime Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God. This hilarious anime of shorts is big on silliness, following the antics of chibi Egyptian gods getting into all sorts of mischief.

Slept through March?


No brand girl VS Flowers

If you skipped April of 2021, FYI a British company invented the first lab grown caviar. And what better anime to enjoy the finer things in life than Boys Over Flowers. This is an older anime about a spunky “No Brand” girl that picks a fight with the ultra elite rich boys club known in her private high school’s as the “Flowers”.

She not going to give up!


All hail big sis’ day!

If you were living under a rock for May of 2021, you might have missed one of the year’s biggest holidays that is celebrated in dozens of nations across the globe, My big sister’s birthday! Of course, the perfect anime to ring in the sisterly love is none other than the anime Flying Witch with the sweet and lovable Kowata sisters!

The witchy Kowata sisters are more sweet than sassy!


What? You missed my blog launch?!

What?! You missed June of 2021?! But that’s when I launched my website Anime Hanabi. com. I can’t believe you missed it! The name means anime fireworks. That’s why the tagline is “Anime that Pops!” I wanted my website to sound fun and approachable. I also wanted to give a gentle hint that my blog wasn’t going to be Shonen centric and would have a more shojo point of view. Watching fireworks with your friends and sweetheart is kind of a hallmark scene of shojo anime. And the anime with the best fireworks scene is Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun! It’s the cutest scene in the whole series.

Cutest scene in the series


The antics of the super rich

Too hot to pay attention to what happened in July of 2021? No problem, just a bunch of super rich people flung themselves into space. No biggy! And if you would like to watch more antics of the super rich, than the anime Ouran High School Host Club is the one for you.


When it’s hot out, remember to take it slow!

In case you missed August of 2021, it’s hot! Of course the best anime to spend a lazy Summer day with is Natsume Yujincho! Whether Natsume is trying to solve the problems of the supernatural or napping under a blossoming tree, this is a wonderfully slow anime that focuses on the gentler side of anime.

A nap under a tree sounds nice


Returning to school . . . or maybe not

Too busy napping to hear about September 2021? Students headed back to school, or they didn’t, or they did at first and then they are sent back to study at home. Yeah, totally not confusing! And to celebrate all these fun and games of sorta returning to school check out the anime Toilet Bound Hanako-kun. Get into the school spirit by revisiting the seven creepy wonders of Yashiro Nene’s high school.

Who could resist returning to school with him waiting for you?


sweet potato picking is so sweet!

If you didn’t notice October of 2021, the only thing you really missed was
that experts finally agreed that Pumpkin Spice is a legitimate season. And what better anime to get into the Pumpkin Spice season than the warm and toasty Kobato and the adorable sweet potato picking episode!

Yay, Pumpkin spice season!


Scotland, it’s a magical place!

If you played hooky for November of 2021, FYI there was a Climate Change Summit in Scotland! And what better anime to enjoy the wonders of the British isles than the ancient magus’ bride? Fairies, magic, and mages, it’s like your practically there in Scotland in real life!

Climate change concerns fairies too


An anime that brings the holiday magic

Wow, you can’t remember this month either? No worries, this is the holiday season so not much happened, just remember that the best holiday anime is Tokyo Godfathers!

with plenty of adventures too

Sorry this post is kind of late today! Christmas kind of wiped me out. So do you have a favorite anime that helps you remember what happened over the past year? Or maybe you have a favorite anime that you just love for the New Year holiday? Leave a comment below!

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