I like it in the Raw! The third option for Anime

There has been a long standing debate in the anime viewing community concerning which is better, anime that is Subbed or Dubbed. Just a quick run down for anyone that doesn’t know. Subbed refers to anime that is subtitled, as in the dialogue is in written text across the screen in your preferred language while the original voice acted audio remains. Conversely, Dubbed refers to when the original voice acted dialogue is replaced with voice acted dialogue in your preferred language.

fairy tale characters fighting
For many anime fans there is only two options

And for many anime fans that is the end of the debate, there are only two options and if you don’t like one, than you’ll have to use the other. But very few anime fans consider or even mention the other option, and yes there is a third option. It’s neither Subbed or Dubbed, but rather anime in the Raw. No that doesn’t mean that it’s anime in it’s birthday suit! But rather, it’s anime that keeps all it’s quirky, over the top, highly emotional dialog found in it’s original audio track and lacks all those annoying subtitles scrolling across the screen. Though it is a bit more work on the viewers part, it is a much better experience. Though all formats of anime have their benefits and problems, here is a run down, and reasons why you might want to consider the third option.

nanbaka characters watching guards fighting
Raw fans watching Subbed and Dubbed fans argue over which is better


I am boss T shirt girl
Dubbed anime is the most popular form

There are many benefits to watching anime that is Dubbed. One of the most obvious benefits of watching dubbed anime is that there is no learning curve with this form. You don’t need to get used to reading subtitles at the bottom of the screen and there is no extra language barriers for you. Another benefit is that this form of anime is very welcoming to those new to the media. For people that maybe are just trying out anime for the first time and are a little wary of this new and foreign form of media, it can be a little overwhelming to handle all the uniqueness of anime and also deal with understanding a foreign language.

two baffled anime characters
Do you speak English?

Dubbed anime is also ideal if you want to share your love of anime with a younger relative/sibling that maybe can’t read fast enough to keep up with the subtitles . Though Dubbed anime is very convenient, there is a rather big drawback of the Dubbed form. At times the dialog in the Dubbed form of anime is good and very close to the original Japanese meaning, but more often than not, it is surprisingly far from the original. This is most obvious with humor in anime. Many non anime fans complain about the strange/nonsensical humor in anime, what they don’t understand is that it wasn’t really the jokes that made no sense, it was just translated poorly. The term “Lost in translation” can explain a lot of anime’s eccentricity. Though I honestly think that if you are watching Dubbed anime than you are only watching half of anime (you’re missing out on that much!) there is some series that are actually better when Dubbed, like Ouran High School Host Club. The English voice acting is just so good with this series, while the Japanese voice acting kind of falls flat, that it would actually be a dis-service to the series to not enjoy the Dubbed version.

england sick in bed
Sometimes English doesn’t work


voice acting anime character
Japanese voice actors are amazing

There are so many reasons to love Subbed anime! (I’m totally not biased) First of all, you get to listen to the huge emotional range of voice acting as the anime characters were meant to sound. And Japanese voice actors are amazing! Also, the emphasis and tones of the dialog in Japanese will better match the animation that it was designed for. It’s just a fact that Japanese and English language (and other languages) put emphasis at different parts of a sentence. While in English emphasis is placed at the beginning of a sentence, in Japanese the emphasis is placed at the end. Needless to say, when the animation is designed to have emphasis at the end of sentences, but the dialog as been changed from it’s original to have emphasis at the beginning, things don’t match up very well.

old and new japan anime character
Designed for Japanese

This is just one of the problems that trying to match Japanese animation to English dialog has, and that watching anime in it’s Subbed form solves. Of course, Subbed isn’t perfect. One down side to Subbed is that when multiple characters are talking at once it can be very difficult to understand which line of subtitles go to which character. I think that most anime are better with their original audio, and one in particular that really demonstrates the full range of emotion that is possible in one anime character is Vash the Stampede from Trigun. This character can flip from goofy to sweet to serious in the blink of an eye. Something that is sorely missed in the English version.

cool vash
This is
sparkly vash
all the
silly vash
same character!


anime character collage
Un-Altered Japanese content!

You might have already guessed, or maybe you were already in the know, but Raw Anime refers to anime that is in it’s original form that would be seen in Japan with no alteration. Of course, this does mean that you would have to learn the Japanese language. Wait, wait, come back! It’s not as bad as it sounds! Though many have claimed Japanese is the most difficult language to learn, it’s really not that bad. Japanese has a lot of loan worlds from English, so if that is your native language, you’re in luck.

england feeling lucky
I’m in luck!

Also, Japanese grammar is very straight forward and has almost no exceptions to their rules. Best of all, you can understand a lot of anime with a relatively low level understanding of the Japanese language. In fact, just learning basic exclamations found in anime can really help in your understanding of the dialog. Once you get over that teeny weeny mountain of the language barrier, it is such a huge benefit to your anime viewing. No annoying subtitles scrolling across your screen, getting in the way of seeing the best parts of an action scene. No confusion of exactly who is talking. Nothing (or at least very little) lost in translation. Best of all, you can work your way up from Subtitles to Raw in baby steps, and if you ever come across an anime that you just can’t understand the dialog to, you can always just turn the Subtitles back on. One anime that is clearly better in the Raw is the series Toilet bound Hanako-kun.

hanako-kun and cast are shocked by what they hear
Surprisingly good voice acting in this anime!

This is definitely an anime that was created just for the Japanese language. The English voice acting is bland and uninspiring, yet the Japanese voice acting really brings the characters to life. Further more, the Subtitles can be a bit confusing as to who is talking, or if someone is talking or if something that is written is being translated. This series is so much more enjoyable if you have a little bit of Japanese under your belt!

hanako-kun tipping his hat
Hanako-kun’s voice sounds amazing

Do you have a favorite form of anime? Why do you like it the best? Leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “I like it in the Raw! The third option for Anime

  1. Most of the time I’ll watch subbed to get the emotional tone of the scene right. IMHO, emotions are universal in how they are expressed. Even without the sub, I can tell when the characters are angry, sad, seductive, etc. Sometimes those emotions are pretty subtle. But there are a few shows where the English is done so well, it is better than the sub. Cowboy Bebop is one of them.

    Many of the best dubbed shows are on Toonami/Adult Swim. I think those show must have received special care. Anime directed at a mainstream American audience would have to have a superior dub or it could flop.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree, some anime really are better with dubbed voices, but the amazing range of Japanese voice actors is hard to ignore too. And it’s also fun to just watch anime in their un-altered form too. Basically, however you consume anime, is the best way for you.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I agree. In some dubbed animes a very good job has been done! But I think that if you can watch it with english subs (or even better in Japanese) it’s preferably. The Japanese VC are really expressive and put you in the mood of the anime (or a specific scene of it)
      Sorry, I have spelling mistakes.

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    3. I agree. In some dubbed animes a very good job has been done! But I think that if you can watch it with english subs (or even better in Japanese) it’s preferably. The Japanese VC are really expressive and put you in the mood of the anime (or a specific scene of it)
      Sorry, I have spelling mistakes.

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  2. I have never understood the subbed vs dubbed argument – I am perfectly happy watching anime in either, and the only “issue” I have had is when the dialogue is so dense or fast the subs are literally flashed on the screen and you have to hit pause to read them. But aside from that, no biggie

    PS: Nihon-go wa totemo kantan ja arimasen! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mondai arimasen! πŸ™‚ Watashi mo Hihongo daisuki desu! 😍 Watashi wa gengo o manabu no ga nigate desu! 😭


  3. Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your theme. Thank you

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    1. My theme is Blank Canvas, it’s a free theme on WordPress. It’s kind of an anti-theme. It has no formatting or per-designed elements. It comes with no widgets, no menus, and no features. Weirdly enough, this gives you the most freedom to make the website exactly how you want it. When you add in all the parts yourself, you can make your website as minimalist or extravagant as you want.

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