13 Anime for Halloween Night!

group of pumpkins
Happy Halloween!

The long wait is over and Halloween night is finally here! You’ve got your spooky snacks, you’ve got a huge bowl of lame candy to inflict on the trick-or-treaters (save the good stuff for yourself!), and you maybe even have a few pumpkin spice beers (gotta stay hydrated for all those trips to answer the door). Now all you need to make your Halloween night complete is some great scary anime to watch. But, which ones and how scary do you want them to be? Well, never fear, there are plenty of really good anime out there and there’s even anime that are just right for whatever your scariness level is, from the scaredy cats to the uber unflinchable. Just so you’ll know what you’re getting into, I’ve rated all 13 anime on a fright scale from 1 to 13. Anime with 1 through 3 frights are not scary. Anime that are 4 through 7 frights are a little scary. Anime that are 8 through 10 frights are medium to medium-high scary. And anime that are 11 through 13 frights are the scariest.


creepy girl
13 frights!

1. Shiki – Small town Japan, strange new people move into a strange old house just outside of town, and then strange deaths start popping up. If you like Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, than you’ll like this one! 13 frights.


alucard smiling
Just because he’s smiling doesn’t mean this is a happy anime

2. Hellsing -The story centers around a young police officer (Seras Victoria) who gets turned into a vampire by the very powerful Alucard. As a result of her being turned into a vampire, Seras gets recruited into the Hellsing Organization. Their job is to hunt down and kill vampires, ghouls, and other monsters. FYI, it gets bloody! 12 frights.

Hell Girl

hell girl with hands
A whole lot of creepy in one little package

3. Hell Girl – Have you ever wanted revenge against someone who’s wronged you? Have you ever wanted something impossible? Well, all you need to do is contact one little girl with red eyes and long black hair and you can have it. And all it will cost is just your soul. 13 frights.


ghost in hall
A great haunting anime

4. Another – An empty seat in a classroom left for someone that was already dead, and invited something that didn’t belong. In the anime Another there are plenty of creepy things running a muck; set in big, old, and creepy buildings, there’s a curse, and a lot of information that other people knew that probably should have been told to the main characters in the beginning of the whole mess! So if your looking for a good creepy haunting, check out Another! 12 frights

Trinity Blood

trinity blood cast
Vampires and political intrigue

5. Trinity Blood – In the future, vampires are created by humans infected with a virus found on Mars. 900 years later, vampires and humans don’t get a long and they have divided into 2 main factions. The Vatican and the Methuselah, one group is human the other is vampire, both are global super powers, and have “lost technology” they use against the other group. The main character (Abel) is a crusnik, a vampire that drinks the blood of other vampires and works with the Vatican. With all these groups and factions, it’s not surprising that there is quite a bit of political intrigue in this anime. 7 frights.

Blood Lad

blood lad cast
Not the most reliable guy on the block, but at least he rules it!

6. Blood Lad – The anime Blood Lad is about the main character (Blood Lad) who is the leader of an urban territory in the underworld. Like a gang leader. Blood Lad acts tough and can wipe the floor with almost any monster or oni, but on the inside he’s just a huge otaku that loves everything Japanese and anime related. His whole bedroom is decked out in tons of merch from the human realm. Then one day, somehow, a human girl shows up! Try as he might to keep her safe, she ended up getting eaten by a plant. So now Blood Lad is on a quest to restore her body and get her back to the human realm! 6 frights.


ginko with ghost behind him
Don’t look behind you

7. Mushishi – Mushishi is about Ginko, a drifter that wanders from place to place dealing with troublesome spirits, village mysteries, and curses in the countryside of Japan. 9 frights.


XXXholic cast
Yuko is sneakier than she looks

8. XXXHolic – Watanuki has a problem, he can see ghosts and they won’t leave him alone. If they aren’t chasing after him then they’re hanging onto him or otherwise making his life hard. One day he wanders into a wish granting shop owned by the hard drinking and swindling Yuko. In a matter of moments poor Watanuki gets talked into working part-time at this strange shop, in return Yuko vows to solve his ghost problem. 8 frights.

As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Only 1 fright, but Beelzebub looks so cute anyway

9. As Miss Beelzebub Likes – As Miss Beelzebub Likes is an anime about the fallen angel (Beelzebub) and her new assistant Mullin. Beelzebub prefers tea and sweets to misery, and spends most of her time playing with white fluff balls. Her new assistant Mullin is no more ruthless then his leader, and is often called a rookie with a maiden’s heart. Instead of ruling hell with an iron fist, Miss Beelzebub and her assistants manage Pandemonium with the efficiency and enthusiasm of a girl scout troupe. 1 fright.

Hozuki’s Cool Headedness

hozuki and enma
Hozuki is more frightfully funny than scary

10. Hozuki’s Cool Headedness – Being an assistant to Enma, the king of hell and judge who decides how evil souls will be punished, isn’t easy. Someone has to keep things in order in hell, and that demon is Hozuki. Whether he is trying to implement Enma’s hair brained plans, stopping Momotaro when he’s trashing the place, or inflicting just rewards on trouble makers, Hozuki never loses his cool, brisk style and cut-throat personality. 3 frights.

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun

iruma and friends
Iruma is too nice to be scary

11. Welcome to demon school Iruma-kun – In this anime Iruma-kun is a 14-year-old boy that has awful parents. He has to miss school so he can work to support them. He often goes hungry or has to live in a tent, because they squandered all the money, and they often get him involved in dangerous situations. In the end, Iruma’s parents sell him off to a demon. Thankfully that demon is a kind old grandpa type that just wants a cute grandchild to spoil. Iruma is showered with gifts, given all the food he can eat, is given a huge royal bedroom in his grandpa’s castle, and is enrolled in an elite private school where his new grandpa is the principal. For Iruma, hell is more like heaven. 2 frights.

Natsume Yujincho

natsume and nyanko sensei
It’s scary what you can find in a good book

12. Natsume Yujincho – This anime is about Natsume a high school boy that can see ghosts. His parents died when he was young and he’s been passed around from one terrible relative to another until he finally lands at his elderly distant cousins. Not long after he arrives, Natsume gets some of his dead grandmother’s belongings with a book of spirit’s names, and with those names, anyone can control those spirits. Having no intention of controlling anybody, he vows to return the names instead. To help on his task is Nyanko-sensei, a great spirit in the form of a very fat cat. At first Nyanko-sensei had plans to eat the boy and steal the book, but later decides to be Natsume’s bodyguard. 8 frights

Angels of Death

rachel and zack
A girl’s wish isn’t always sunshine and roses

13. Angels of death – Rachel Gardner wakes in a strange basement of a building, she doesn’t remember how she got there or even what this building is. What she quickly learns is that there is a lot of very violent people and puzzles in this building. She quickly finds a murderer named Zack, who is trying to escape. But, Zack needs help, and Rachel is willing to lend him a hand if he will grant her wish. 11 frights.

This week’s anime exclamations is: Daijoubu?! meaning Are You Alright?!

I’m currently watching:

  • Zombie Loan
  • Over Lord
  • Case Closed
  • Super Lovers
  • Night Beyond the Tricornered Window
  • Visual Prison
  • Fena: Pirate Princess
  • Backflip
  • Mars Red
  • Takt Op. Destiny
  • The Great Jahy will Not Be Defeated!
  • Sakugan
  • Hells
  • Cardfight Vanguard Overdress
  • Drug Store in Another World
  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Inari Kon Kon
  • Mieruko-chan
  • Obey Me!
  • Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

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