Anime vampires: The cute, the steamy, the scary.

vampire teath
Look at those champers!

There isn’t a dearth of vampires in anime. If anything, vampires have found a new lair for their un-dead hearts in the pages of manga and in the flickering images of anime. Though vampires are known for drinking blood and skulking around in the shadows, not all anime vampires are scary, some are actually scary cute while others are more amorous then nightmarish, but don’t worry, for those who crave a creepy thrill there’s plenty of those kinds of vampires too. Really, there’s a blood imbiber for every taste! With Halloween just around the corner, let’s dig up some of the best vampire anime to watch for this spooky season!

The Cute!

cast of Miss vampire who lives in my nieghborhood
The cutest little vampire on the block

Miss Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood is an anime that focuses more on the obsession of a girl that loves dolls (Akari Amano) and anything or one that looks like dolls rather than on vampires alone. Unfortunately for a cute little vampire (Sophie Twilight) that just wants the quiet life enjoying her modern conveniences, she looks just like a doll and she also happens to cross paths with the Akari.

Sophie twilight
Too cute to leave alone
cast of servamp
Cat vampire/Catpire!

Servamp is an anime about a high school boy (Mahiru Shirota) that finds a stray cat on his way home. Mahiru decides to take the cat home and take care of it, but soon finds out that what he thought was a cat was actually a vampire! The vampire (Sleepy Ash) takes the form of a black cat when he gets too much sun. Mahiru also finds out too late that when he named the cat and gave it a collar with a cute little bell, he had accidentally made a contract with the vampire.

Sleepy ash in cat form
Just like my kitty, lazy and belligerent

The Steamy!

yuki and zero
Yuki and Zero protect the vampires

Vampire Knight is a shojo anime based on a manga that tells the story of Yuki, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of an elite private boarding school. What most students don’t know about this boarding school is that some of the students are actually vampires, and it’s Yuki and her friend Zero’s job to keep that a secret. The vampire students are in the night class and are seen by the rest of the student body as just the celebrities of the school. Needless to say, everybody wants to get close to the stars of the school, which just makes the vampire protection job a lot harder.

Yui and evil vampire
Yui’s gonna get eaten!

Diabolical Lovers is a shojo anime based off of a dating game and the main character of this otome is Yui Komori. At the beginning of the anime Yui is ordered by her father to move out of her home and live at a mansion in the middle of nowhere with the six Sakamaki brothers. Nearly as soon as she gets there she finds out that the brothers are all vampires and the kind of want to eat her. This anime is really on the borderline between Steamy and Scary. Though the brothers are really good looking, they are also kind of evil and treat Yui horribly, and on top of that she seems to be trapped with them!

Yui with another evil vampire
Looks like she’s gonna get munched on again!

The Scary!

scary vampire girl
I’m sure she has good intentions

Shiki is an anime that is definitely in the horror genre. It’s about a small, rural town in Japan called Sotoba and an epidemic of strange deaths that seemed to spread like wildfire one summer. It started with a family of strange foreigners moving into a huge mansion just outside of town and the death of the high school girl Megumi Shimizu. There is a lot of mystery in this series so I won’t tell you much more, but if you like Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot or the movie 30 days of Night, you’ll probably like this one.

alucard smiling
How could you not love that toothy grin?

Hellsing is an older anime that came out in the early 2000’s or “Golden Age” of anime with series like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. The story centers around a young police officer (Seras Victoria) who gets turned into a vampire pretty early in the anime by the very powerful vampire Alucard. And as a result of her being turned into a vampire Seras gets recruited into the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, under the leadership of Integra Hellsing. Their job is to hunt down and kill vampires, ghouls, and other monsters. FYI, it gets bloody!

alucard with big gun
Holy gun of smiting!

Some new anime on Funimation you might also like to try are The Vampire Dies in No Time, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut, and The Case Study of Vanitas.

Are there any vampire anime that you just love sinking your teeth into? Leave a comment below!

This week’s anime exclamation is: Itai! meaning Ouch!

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