Anime dominates cuteness? Meet 3 manhwa that can out cute the cutest!

In anime or manga, it’s not hard to find brain meltingly adorable characters. At times it can feel a little over whelming at the sure glut of Kawaii washing onto every shore. But, there is a new kind of cuteness that is silently stealing the hearts of fans across the globe. And it’s not coming from Japan. It’s continental rival across the sea, South Korea, also has a cute flare, and dare I say it, the Korean cuteness might actually be even more cute. . .

magic girl in pink
Japanese style Kawaii!
cute girl enjoying kawaii culture
Japanese kawaii culture
two magic girls with magic wands and bunnies
Japanese kawaii often includes animals, maho shojo, and lots of ribbons

Let me introduce three Korean manga (Manhwa) that are above and beyond the standard kawaii level of cuteness. They are filled to overflowing with adorable tiny children, bubbly ladies, gentle hearted wizards, and of course an endless parade of fluffy cuddly animals. Try not to be too alarmed when you find yourself staring at the pages of these manhwa for prolonged periods of time without even reading the text on the page.

angel in pink
Angels are very kawaii
One Fine Day manhwa covers
One Fine Day, Korea’s innocent style of cuteness

One Fine Day, is an adorable manhwa that could out cute most anime and manga that I’ve seen. It’s about a trio of anthropomorphic siblings, Nanai the puppy, Guru the kitten, and Rang their little sister mouse. They live together in a cute little urban house with their young and kind hearted wizard dad (Noah).

One Fine Day Yen magazine cover
One Fine Day was published by Yen for American readers

Together the two brothers and sister go on adorable pre-schooler adventures like the great quest to get the laundry folded and put away or searching the neighborhood for a “great treasure” of cookies. Cinnamon roll, Yotsuba, and even Hello Kitty could have a run for their money when compared to the innocent style cuteness of Korea’s manhwa One Fine Day.

One Fine Day page
One Fine Day, a manhwa filled with pre-school adventure

The Villain Princess Wants to Live in a Confectionery Shop is very much like any standard isekai, it starts out with the main character traveling to another world and waking up in the body of a character in a novel. Unfortunately, it’s the villain of the story. What can the main character do when she’s just a college student that dreamed of opening her on confectionery shop?

the villain wants to live in a confectionery shop cute cover
The Villain Wants to Live in a Confectionery Shop

Well, lucky for her, for the main character got pulled into the story when the villain princess was still a little girl and instead of going down the evil path of destruction that ends in her death, the main character can instead follow her dreams of making sweets and healing peoples hearts with the joyful taste of her baked goods. Yes, this manhwa is just a cute as it sounds.

the villain wants to live in a confectionery shop cover
What could be cuter than healing hearts with sweets?

Also high on the list of cuteness is the manhwa I’m Only a Step-mother But My Duaghter is Just So Cute!. This manhwa is about another poor hapless lady falling into a story and waking up as a villain, but this time it’s the very well known story of Snow White and the main character is the evil queen. There’s just one problem, the main character in the real world is a children’s clothes designer and she is obsessed with all things cute.

I'm only a step mother but my daughter is just so cute main character surrounded with hearts
The main character is also a fan of cuteness!

And mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all? That would be the main character’s newly acquired step daughter. Though the kingdom around her sees the main character as an evil and cruel queen, all the main character wants to do is shower her new step daughter with all the toys and frilly dresses she can possibly design. This is just such a sweet story of building a loving family, it’s hard to resist. Because what could be more cute than a main character that is also a fan of cuteness!

I'm only a step mother but my daughter is just so cute cover
A sweet story of building a loving family

Do you have any favorite manhwa that are just to cute for words? Leave a comment below!

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