Cinnamon Rolls for my diet: my anime sweeties.

Garfield the cat once said, “Every diet starts with die.” Boy was he ever right. Diets are poop! And yet for some reason every Summer I go on one. Right around late July, when the sunshine is at it’s hottest and the produce stands are overflowing with dew drenched lettuces, watermelon, and berries, I get an unquenchable craving for fitness! My mind blossoms with delusions of molding my Pillsbury doughboy body into the sleek minimalism of a runway model. It’s a rigid diet I feverishly follow, one that allows no sweets, no crunchies, and absolutely no pastries. I follow this diet devoutly as a nun up until about Thanksgiving when it dies an untimely death and is completely forgotten until the next Summer rolls around.

Deku with sunflowers
Aw Summer! I love it sorta.

Thankfully, I have my cinnamon rolls to ease my hunger pains and whose squeals of adorable embarrassment are just the right tone to drown out the sound of my empty tummy grumbling. These are anime where the main characters can really sympathize with my pain. Iruma-kun, from Welcome to demon school Iruma-kun, knows just how hard it can be to avoid over eating. Deku, from My Hero Academia, understands just how hard it is to keep to an exercise routine. And yet they still manage to be so darn cute!

cute My Hero Academia cast
Cinnamon roll cuteness!

Welcome to demon school Iruma-kun is about a 14 year old boy that has had a pretty rotten life. Mostly because of his parents lying, cheating, scheming, scamming, lazy ways. Also because, if someone sincerely asks a favor of him, he can’t say no. Yeah, so poor sweet Iruma-kun has had a pretty rough life filled with over work and little food and money problems. Well, one day his dead beat parents decide to sell Iruma-kun to a demon for money. You would think that Iruma-kun was in the worst situation ever, but it ends up that the demon he was sold to is actually a really nice old man that just wants a grandson that he can spoil. And so the spoiling begins! Iruma-kun is enrolled in an exclusive private demon school that his grandpa is the principle of, he’s showered with gifts and new clothes, and he’s given all the food he could possibly eat (though it’s demon food so it looks kind of freaky). And there’s the problem for poor Iruma-kun. His new grandpa is so indulgent that Iruma seems to lose his ability to make healthy portion size decisions. As the series progresses, Iruma starts becoming quite notorious for his monster sized appetite. Of course, sweet cinnamon roll Iruma-kun looks so cute and happy while he’s eating, that few of the people around him want to correct his bad eating habits.

Iruma-kun's demon grandpa
The cause
Iruma-kun with a plate heaped with food
The effect

In My hero academia, Deku starts out in the series kind of wimpy for a middle school boy. It’s not just that he lacks super powers, unlike the majority of society in his world, but he is also not in great physical shape. His classmates push him around and pick on him a lot. Thankfully he crosses paths with All Might, the strongest, bravest, most hero-est of super heroes. Not to mention, he’s the super hero that Deku has a plus ultra fan-crush on. After some demonstrations of bravery and a lot of determination on Deku’s part, All Might decides to take Deku under his wing and train the scrawny middle schooler up to become a super hero. Deku’s physical transformation happens over months of training, which is surprisingly accurate. Fitness doesn’t happen from one day of exercise, but from consistent work everyday. Though, I’m not too sure about All Might’s methods. They seemed to resemble the kinds of challenges seen on Biggest Loser and other reality TV like that. I mean, having a middle schooler move a refrigerator on his own looks like an injury waiting to happen. Though All Might’s training seemed kind of extreme, Deku never gave up. Toiling away, dragging tires a cross a beach, Deku looked so darn cute with beads of sweat on his forehead, he wouldn’t be a true cinnamon roll if he had.

My Hero Academia cast running
The morning jog

That’s what I should learn from my cinnamon rolls, a diet might break down the doughy roll around my middle, but it will never break down my spirit!

Do you have any tragic anime heroes that are just too sweet for words? Leave a comment below!

All Might flexing his muscles
This is my fitness goal!

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Anime exclamation of the week is: Kowai! meaning Scary!

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