Anime as scheduled

Okay, according the my posting schedule I’m supposed to write about Bungo and Alchemist this week. It makes sense, I just finished the series so it’s fresh in my memory, I don’t really have any other series that I just finished, and I’m not far enough a long on any other series that it would make sense to write about them. I definitely have some very clear opinions about the series. Bungo and Alchemist is the prefect anime to post about this week. . . .

Victorique from Gosick looking depressed
Book lovers are disappointed with this anime

The thing is, I don’t really want to write about that series. The first episode was fun, but the story never really got up and running. It was just kind of “Meh”. I mean there was some good parts, like the animation was nice and I liked the voice acting. In the opening sequence, both the opening song and the animation was pretty interesting, though it didn’t really highlight what the anime was about. That’s kind of expected for an opening. I also liked the character design, though none of the characters really looked like ye-old-timey literature authors. I mean it’s kind of in the name (Bungo means literature in Japanese) you would think looking like an author would be important. The boss of the authors in the series was a cat. I thought that worked, because aren’t kitties always the boss?

Natsume from Natsume Yujincho sitting under a tree with Nyanko-sensei
Cats and books go well together

But, there was a lot of mediocre parts too. Like most of the series was really episodic and just seemed to be about the main characters collecting more characters. Half way through the series there was so many characters I couldn’t keep track of who was who. And I think some of the characters just came out of nowhere. At the end of the series, when the bad guy was killing off all the hoards of side characters, I remember thinking “Oh thank goodness, they are finally pruning down the cast”. I feel like, as a viewer, I should have probably cared a little more about the characters. Or rather the writers of the series should have given me a reason to care about the ever swelling crowd of side characters.

White hair boy sleeping on a colorful subway train with books
Books are magical, they don’t need sword fights

The anime was based on a game and it was kind of obvious. The character development was really shallow. The episodes seemed to be kind of task driven and there even seemed to be a mini game style episode where the authors were challenged to do a farming competition. And the biggest game trope was the ending. It’s a classic element of a video game that at some point you are going to have to fight your own character. Sometimes that shows up at the end of the game as the head boss, but that’s less common in recent years. And I am perfectly happy to fight a computer controlled version of my own character when I’m playing a game. In fact, I look forward to that part of the game because I get to compare how I’m playing to the standard for the game. But to have a main character fight his double as the final villain of an anime, just seems kind of lazy of the writers. Granted, I haven’t actually played the game the anime is based off of and maybe the writers of the anime were just trying to be true to the source material, but it made for a kind of lame ending.

girl holding book, the pages are exploding with colors, stars and goldfish
Books are magic!

It’s kind of ironic that it’s an anime about writers, and the biggest issues I have with the anime is the writing.

So I would like to apologize to my faithful readers, both of them. Because, though I should be a responsible blogger that stays on her schedules and writes every week without fail, I just can’t bring myself to write about the anime Bungo and Alchemist this week.

girl fell asleep holding book
Bungo and Alchemist put me to sleep

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Anime exclamation of the week is: Kawaii! meaning Cute!

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