Anime that shines with retina burning brightness.

Going for a walk on a sunny Spring day can be refreshing and heart warming. The Spring flowers, daffodils and tulips, gently bouncing in the breeze. Bright green buds of leaves just starting to sprout on the trees. But, sometimes the sun shines too bright. The flowers have too vibrant a hue. The trees are too lush. All of it together is just too much. This is the line that Pretty Boy Detective Club gleefully dances along. For the most part, it’s an amazingly beautiful anime. But, at times, it’s almost too beautiful. And it moves from entertainment to Art.

dazzling starry sky reflected on still water
Starry sky with reflection

If you haven’t watched this anime yet (and you really should) Pretty Boy Detective Club is about Mayumi Dojima (the main character) who has been searching for a certain star every night for the past ten years. It was on one of these nightly searches the she encounters Manabu Sotoin. Sotoin is over the top flamboyant, blue haired, very eager to help Dojima on her search, oh yeah and he just happens to be the leader of the “Pretty boy detective club” at their school. For the first few episodes Dojima has the strong impression that this “detective club” is kind of sketchy, but she skeptically follows along anyway. After her case is completed, Dojima kind of gets drawn into the club and starts attending school as a boy so she can fit the four rule criteria of the club.

  • Must be pretty
  • Must be a boy
  • Must be a detective
  • Must be a club
swirling nebula of blue, purple, and pink color with sparkles of stars

The animation and art work of this anime is ornate to the point of being psychedelic at times. The velvety voices of the detective club members are hypnotic far beyond their middle school years. And, the opening song is addictive, period. Seriously, there should be some kind of health warning before the opening credits are allowed to play. All this together makes for an amazing anime, in small doses.

I don’t think I would ever try to binge watch this anime. It’s like trying to binge on dark chocolate, after awhile it just becomes too much. I watched this series on Funimation, and I’m really glad they released one episode per week. I don’t think I could take more than one episode at a time and still like the series as much as I do.

aurora in clear sky over satellite dish
Shooting star with radio dish

If there is anything that I don’t really like about Pretty Boy Detective Club is that it felt like there wasn’t nearly enough episodes. I don’t just mean that I would love to see more of the anime (which I would) but it seemed like the season wasn’t complete. The last few episodes felt kind of rushed and by the last episode there was still a lot of things not explained and just left hanging. Like why did Sotoin’s older brother change so much? What happened to Lai Fudatsuki? He said that he would see Dojima later and then he never shows up in the series again. And the thing with Nagahiro’s (vice president of the Pretty boy detective club) fiance`e was never really resolved, was it?

I was so relieved when I found out during my research phase of this post that there was a Pretty Boy Detective Club light novel and manga series out. I’m definitely going to hunt those down. Hopefully either the manga or the novels will fill in some of the questions the anime left behind. I also wouldn’t mind if a second season was released soon to answer some of those questions.

clear sky and Milky way over urban bridge
Starry sky with bridge

Even with some questions left unanswered, even with some of the later episodes feeling kind of rushed, even with some of the earlier episodes feeling kind of trippy, Pretty Boy Detective Club was one of the best and most unique anime series I’ve watched in a long time. And I thoroughly recommend it!

Have you watched Pretty Boy Detective Club? Did you love it? Did you really love it? Leave a comment below!

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